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International Playthings Announces New Additions to Its Line of Action and Board Games

Parsippany, NJ (February 13, 2011) - International Playthings, LLC announces the addition of new action and board games to its already extensive lineup of proprietary games. International Playthings' Action and Board Games are designed to promote participatory play, while providing a fun and exciting experience for children.

"These new games join our continuing best-sellers to create a fun-filled range of games that will excite children and parents alike," said Cynthia Dalton, senior product manager for International Playthings, LLC. "Our games are designed to engage little ones while making learning fun for kids at an early age."

New additions to the 2011 International Playthings' proprietary line of games include: Froggies!
This first color and number matching game is a race to the finish! Players hurry to match numbers and colors by being the first to grab a matching color frog. Whoever grabs the frogs first the most times wins the game! For 2 - 4 players, Froggies is for children ages three years and up and retails at an MSRP of $14.99.

My First Spoons Game
The more players the more fun! A beginner's version of the classic game, complete with 8 spoons. Pass the cards around until someone has 4-of-a-kind - that player has "Spoons." Now all players quickly grab a spoon form the middle of the table. There's one less spoon then there is number of players! Whoever doesn't get a spoon is out of the game, and the game continues until there is only one spoon left on the table. My First Spoons Game is for 3-8 players ages three years old and up and retails at an MSRP of $14.99.

Funny Faces
The best face wins the game! One player makes a face that matches one of the faces on the game board. The other players must guess which face it is. Sure to create lots of smiles and giggles, Funny faces is simple to play but not so easy to win. For 2-4 players, Funny Faces is for children ages four years and up and retails at an MSRP of $14.99.

Roller Coaster
Running, rolling and racing game with 3-D action! There's plenty of actions as players race their colored marbles around the 3-D track, hoping to be the one who reaches home first. Watch out another player doesn't "bump" you off! You'll roll off the track and into the center of the Big top where you'll have to face the consequences. There's always plenty of surprises when you ride the Roller Coaster! For 2 - 4 players Roller Coaster is for kids ages four years and up and retails at an MSRP of $19.99.

Four-In-A-Row Puppies & Kittens
A beginner's version of the classic strategy game. One player claims the puppy chips, the other gets the kittens. Players take turns placing the chips in the game unit, trying to get four-in-a row, horizontally, vertically or diagonally. For 2 players, Four-In-A-Row Puppies & Kittens is for ages four years and up retails at an MSRP of $11.99.

Photo Safari Photo Safari
What's more fun than an animal safari? Taking pictures along the way! Players move alomg the game board on a jungle safari, using the camera to take pictures of wild animals. The player who collects four pictures of the same animal first is the winner. Kids will love taking pictures with the clever camera - just press the lever and full color pictures pop out! Photo Safari contains one Photo Safari camera, 20 images, game board, photo frames, four playing figures, four plastic game stands, and one die. For 2 - 4 players, Photo Safari is for children ages three years and up and retails at an MSRP of $19.99.

Grow Grow Giraffe
Ready, set, GROW! The longest neck wins every time! An adorable first game for kids ages three years and up. Players spin the spinner and move their giraffe neck up according to the color the arrow points to. The bow tie holds it in place. It's a race to see which giraffe will reach the top first. Watch out as another player doesn't remover your bow tie, causing you giraffe to fall! For 2-4 players, Grow Grow Giraffe retails at an MSRP of $14.99.

Maze Madness
Players must have patience and skill to guide them through the maze - or this challenging game of twisting and turning will drive them mad! Maneuver the ball through the obstacles - around the swirly mountain, through the gates, into the blind alley, onto the topsy-turvy round-about. The maze can be set up differently since there are four interchangeable mazes that fit into the game base. For one player, Maze Madness is for children ages five years and up and retails at an MSRP of $ 19.99.

Bugged Out!
Carefully remove the bugs one-by-one. If you make the pile tumble, you're done! A preschool version of the classic stack and tumble game, players create a pile of bugs and then roll the die and remove them according to the color rolled. As they are moved the buys are placed on top of the pile - as more and more turns are taken it becomes more challenging not to topple the pile! For 2 - 4 players, Bugged Out! Is for children ages four years and up and retails at and MSRP of $16.99.

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