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Squishy Loving Buyers Unite At Booth 3343 To See What’s New In SqwishLand

Scottsdale, AZ (February 13, 2011) – Soft ‘n squishy™ are the new buzz words in toy world this month as SqwishLand -- pioneers of the hugely successful collectible craze -- celebrates its sixth year and over 60 million SqwishLanders in circulation! Kids and retailers will delight in their 2011 expansion of fresh and affordable products, online games, ultra rare characters, wholesalers’ website and an iPhone/iPad app!

Not familiar with SqwishLand? The silly-sounding rubbery characters originally made great pencil toppers when they were first introduced in vending machines several years ago. The characters were rebranded in 2010 as SqwishLand, after kids in focus groups told the company they call them squishies. Today (and 60 million kooky collectibles later) SqwishLanders are the original ¾” rubbery collectible characters sold in stores and vending machines and only the original carries a unique code for playing online at the popular With over 750,000 online registered members since August 2010, this fun website is the place to be after school, sports and dinner.

Specialty, drug, craft and toy retailers love SqwishLanders because they practically sell themselves. The collectible craze is irresistible when investing a quarter or two in a vending machine. In late 2010 several store-shelf items were launched, from an affordable $3 Mystery Capsule to a $19.99 Party Pack. Each new SqwishLand product enhances the online SqwishLand virtual experience.

With the success and demand for SqwishLand, the company has launched several innovative concepts in 2011, making their debut at the American International Toy Fair. Visitors to SqwishLand Booth 3343 will marvel at new DIY SqwishLand kits, playsets with Webisode video edit tools and a “Sqwabitat tote” to house up to 100 characters! Plus there’s a mobile app, new encapsulated toys and membership cards. Most amazing may be the free iPhone app called SqwishFinder that guarantees kids will find the nearest SqwishLand retailer by entering a zip code nearest to them.

Mommy Bloggers have been buzzing about SqwishLand for months.

“SqwishLand animals are taking So. Cal by storm and edging out the Silly Bandz for the new ‘Mommy can I...’ must have item. It’s like a perfect storm of cute, collectible, and well... squishy. I would like to add... so reasonably priced.” -- Momfluential Media

“These little guys are adorable and just plan fun to look at, squeeze and make great tools to stimulate the imagination! How can you resist those cute faces? I can’t and neither will your kids! And FINALLY something they can collect that won’t set you back!” -- Baby Loving Mama

“The game is very bright and colorful and it is a virtual world for kids and parents alike to play games and explore. Kids can join and chat with other friends, engage in fun in-game events and play fun and educational games. Contents are updated continually…” -- Mama’s Money Savers

After 750,000 registered online gamers, 60 million SqwishLanders and its patented secret code in a capsule toy, what could SqwishLand offer next? How about the chance to become a toy designer and see your work go into production and become a collectible?! Listed below are all of the newest and squishiest promotions, products and concepts ready to launch in 2011:

DIY SqwishLand • $10
Choose DIY SqwishLand Parrot or Frog with six more styles to be announced this Spring. Each box set includes a 5” blank character, 6 acrylic paints, a brush and a code to unlock the online gallery spotlighting other kids’ homemade “soft’n squishy™” designs. Each month the online community will vote for a favorite DIY design from each of the eight DIY styles. The results will be up to eight new rare SqwishLand characters known as The Art Series, introduced monthly, so the company will have more than 50 kid-designed winning SqwishLanders. An Artist’s Guide and instructions are included. Want to be a toy designer? The newest SqwishLanders will be designed by kids, like 5th grader Hannah Altman of Michigan. This 10-year-old SqwishLand fan submitted her own design to the company. A new SqwishLander and a new product -- DYI SqwishLand -- was born. Hannah’s creation, the colorful HannahSqwish, will be displayed at Toy Fair Booth 3343 and will be available in vending machines and retail packs around the world this Spring!

SqwishLand Webisode Movie Playsets • $15
The cool factor in this new product is over-the-top! Virtual SqwishLand becomes reality with these imaginative play sets, chosen by the SqwishLand community as the ones they wanted to see on the shelves of their local stores. Choose a Mayan Temple or Coral Palace. Enter the secret code and unlock the video editing tools in your SqwishLand online account. The easy-to-follow included instructions guide kids through the process of making a 60-second stop motion animation Webisodes using their favorite SqwishLanders to act out a story in their playset. Kids then upload their digital stop-motion photos to the editing suite. Watch your very own production -- and those of other young filmmakers -- online in a special gallery called SqwishTV and on the company’s YouTube channel. Each playset includes 2 collectibles, 2 giant avatars, minimum of 2,000 game points and SqwishLand scenery to accent your Webisode before publishing.

Soft’n Squishy Bracelets • $2.99
The SqwishLand Soft’n Squishy Bracelet is a fun new way to bring your SqwishLand collection with you on-the-go. Customize the bracelet with your favorite SqwishLanders. Swap out different animals depending on your mood or outfit! No two bracelets are the same and come in 4 cool colors. Comes with one SqwishLand pet on the bracelet, as well as an Unbelievably Rare SqwishLander in a capsule.

Sqwabitat • $15
Avid SqwishLand collectors and their mom’s will add this nifty carry-all case to their must-have list. Keep all your SqwishLanders in order and off the floor with this colorful case that holds up to 100 collectibles. Plus there are 4 exclusive SqwishLanders already inside to give your collection a boost -- including a Rare and an Ultra Rare character. A Collection brochure is included too.

Online Membership Cards • $15 & $25
This gift card is the perfect fit for any Sqwishy fan. Choose from 3 months or 6 months of online action in SqwishLand. Each card unlocks all the premium features and benefits inside the most popular virtual world for kids. Card users are given a bonus of 1000 (3 month card) to 2000 (6 month card) in game “Sqwash” or game points that they can use to customize and enhance their online experience.

SqwishLander Rush App • $0.99 via iTunes
In the house or on the go, kids can play mini games based on, the most popular virtual world for kids. This quick game is available for the iPhone 3G & 4, iPod Touch 4, iPad and Droid. SqwishLander Rush will have fans deciphering SqwishLanders from Sqwabbles and sending them to their respective homes. Get a combo of 3 SqwishLanders or Sqwabbles in a row and be SqwishTastic. But be careful not to touch Mr. Spines or face a big penalty!

SqwishFinder App • Free
Free is sqwishtastic, especially when you are away from home and need to top up your game points and collect new SqwishLanders. Just punch in the zip code of your current destination and voila, the nearest vending machine or retailer -- anywhere nationwide -- will pop up. You never know who you’ll discover inside a bowling alley, pizza parlor or craft store until you try this SqwishFinder! Over 300,000 locales have them – so odds are one will be near!

Wholesale/Retailer Website
The folks behind SqwishLand have created a handy website just for wholesalers and retailers at All of the sales tools to jump on the “soft’n squishy” bandwagon are here! Sales tools, prices, characters and graphics are just a click away.

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SqwishLand LLC is a joint venture between Brand Vending of Scottsdale, AZ and FunGuy Studios of Phoenix, AZ. The company distributes over 500 different collectible soft 'n squishy collectibles and other toys based on its hugely popular online game The company develops SqwishLand in three ecosystems, off line (physical goods) online (virtual world, online gaming, facebook and YouTube) and mobile (iTunes Apps and Android). It is the first truly integrated toy and entertainment line for 6 - 13 years old kids. The company is based in Scottsdale and has offices in Melbourne, Australia and a development studio in Manila, Philippines.