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Smarty Kids


Smarty Kids Line Of Cuddly Alphabet Themed Toys Debuts At Booth 2243

East Windsor, N.J. (February 13, 2011) – Who ever heard of toddlers hugging the alphabet? When you are one of the world’s largest plush toy manufacturers of dolls, toys and attachables it makes perfect sense to create a new line of plushy playmates that gets babies hitting their early learning benchmarks right from the crib. How does toymaker Kids Preferred™ do it? By introducing retailers and consumers to their new line of Smarty Kids™. Stroke, hug and play from A to Z at the company’s American International Toy Fair Booth 2243 from February 13 - 16, 2011.

Moms and moms-to-be will surely oooh and aaah over these cuddly creations where H is for Hedgehog and T is for Turtle -- complete with the capital letter stitched lovingly on its side and ABC patterned fabric accents. Soft rattles, cuddly blankies, floppy plush and musical Mamas with baby are a sampling of the stimulating buddies especially for a developing baby.

Child experts agree that the first 3 years of life are critical to brain development. While still in the crib, a baby’s brain needs to be nourished with all five senses. Visual stimulation improves brain development through enhanced curiosity and concentration. Tactile exploration can be as simple as touching fabrics, ribbons and rings. Differentiating a crinkle from a squeak or a musical note is another critical milestone. Kids Preferred incorporated all of these components into their Smarty Kids line.

As WebMD recently wrote in an online article, How To Raise A Smart Baby, parents should offer simple toys that are age-appropriate. For example, infants are most interested in movement and sound, so shaking a rattle will stimulate them. As they get a little older, textural toys they can touch and squish in their hands, such as stuffed animals, are ideal!

Look for these 10 adorable and affordable (just $9 to $22!) Smarty Kids™ clip-ons, dolls, blankies, musical toys and soft book on specialty store shelves and online boutiques after April 15, 2011. Each promotes the all-important love and comfort of a cuddly friend.

Smarty Kids On The Go Clip-Ons • Age Newborn + • $12
Whoooo is that? It’s O for Owl, B for Bee and D for Dog ready for an on the go adventure with baby. Parents can clip on these, pardon the pun, busy bees of activity, to stimulate and entertain baby. Pull the ring, touch the fabric, find the crinkle, feel the knot and tags. Each 7- inch softie is visually appealing with bright colors from head to grasping ring.

Smarty Kids Smarty Kids Full Body Rattles • Age Newborn+ • $10
Oh baby, rattles have come a long way from just a shake on a stick. These might be the sweetest rattles in Toyland and choosing just one will be an agonizing decision! D for Duck, E for Elephant, H for Hedgehog? Hmmmm, maybe Z for Zebra or T for Turtle. Each offers baby plush textures combined with an ABC patterned fabric on ears, arms and feet. Just 5 inches but oh-so-much to explore with little touches sewn up, down and all around!

Smarty Kids Blankies • Age Newborn+ • $10
Every kid needs a blankie but in 2011 a new generation of blankies that stimulate are here! Choose from L for Lion, O for Owl and F for Frog with each measuring an abundant 10 inches of wow. The cuddly fabric includes bright colors of orange, blue, fuchsia, green with happy stripes and gingham patterns. Touch Owl’s ears and Lion’s mane for tactile surprises.

Smarty Kids Floppy Plush • Age Newborn+ • $18
Hello Kitty! These floppy pals are ideal for naptime, car rides and hanging out in the crib. Choose from B for Bear, C for Cat and M for Monkey – each with different fabrics as baby strokes the floppy dolls from head to toe. Notice the ABC patterned fabric peeking out on one ear or arm or leg. Peek-a-boo baby, find the alphabet letter and then the word that spells my name!

Smarty Kids Mama Baby Musical Hippo or Whale • Age Newborn+ • $22
Kids Preferred does it again with a delightful design, fascinating fabrics and musical melodies all packed into 10 inches of enchantment. Mama and baby whale share the green letter W while Mama and baby hippo sport an orange H. The Smarty Kids ABC patterned fabric can be discovered by baby as he tosses and turns the plush pals with tiny fingers.

Smarty Kids Waggy Musical Giraffe • Age Newborn+ • $22
G is for gushing all about this adorable fella who wags his head when you play the music. Playful touches of fabric from head to tail to toe can be discovered as baby snuggles with this 10-inch plush. Pull his tail or tousle his ears, then look for the letter G. Naptime or bedtime is the right time to cuddle with gregarious giraffe.

Smarty Kids Doll Squeakers • Age Newborn+ • $9
Just one look at these sweet faces will light up baby’s eyes. Squeeze the green plaid or fuchsia gingham dolly for a surprise sound and a guaranteed giggle! Kids Preferred packs a lot of detail into these soft 6-inch playmates.

Smarty Kids Floppy Dolls • Age Newborn+ • $13
D is for doll and these two cuties are ready to go for a stroll, play in the crib or snuggle under the covers for a snooze. Each 12-inch doll features yarn hair, patterned dresses, ABC patterned legs and a capital D for darling, dear and dainty.

Smarty Kids Soft Book • Age Newborn+ • $13
Start baby’s library with this multi-tasker of a book. There are soft pages to explore, a ring and star teether to chew, colorful animals and letters of the alphabet to ponder and 6 inches of book to grasp, crinkle and open and close.

Smarty Kids Flash Cards • Age 18 months+ • $12
When your toddler is wide-awake and ready for his first lesson, try these flash cards featuring the animals of the alphabet. Alligator starts off the 13 double sided cards ending with zebra. Small and capital letters adorn each 5-inch card conveniently held together with a plastic ring that can clip on to strollers for safe keeping.

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About Kids Preferred
Kids Preferred, LLC is an award-winning division of Kids Preferred, Inc., which was founded in 1983 and is one of the largest plush toy manufacturers in the U.S. Known for its superior quality and unique designs, Kids Preferred, LLC serves the specialty, juvenile, gift, and better department store trade by distributing soft toys and gifts under its own brand, private label and licensed brands including amazing baby™, asthma & allergy friendly™ - Healthy Baby™, Between the Lions™, Biscuit™, Classic Pooh®, Disney’s Winnie the Pooh®, Elmer, The World of Eric Carle™, Goodnight Moon, Greenzys™, Guess How Much I Love You™, Harley-Davidson®, Label Loveys™, Madeline™, Martha Speaks™, Pat the Bunny®, The World of Beatrix Potter™, Smarty Kids™, Spot™ and The Snowman™.

The company is headquartered in East Windsor, NJ and has offices in New York City, Hong Kong and Shanghai. For more information, contact Kids Preferred at 1-866-SOFT TOY (763-8869) or visit their website at