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Junk Ball


Junk Ball introduces new colors, packaging to their popular bat & ball collection.

Seekonk, MA - February 13, 2011 - Junk BallĀ® Baseball announces the addition of seven new bat and ball color combinations to their existing line. Junk Ball has also incorporated its signature screaming ball into its new graphic line look.

Junk Ball is the official sized plastic baseball with scuff marks and a twistable ring around the ball. Backyard baseball fans play like the pros, by throwing their favorite pitch. Just turn the ring, aim the scuff marks, and throw! Junk Ball Baseball allows anyone to throw curves, sliders, fastballs, even knuckleballs. Each Junk Ball Baseball 2-Pack (SRP $3.99) will come with the original Junk Ball white ball and red ring, and one of the three new Junk Ball baseball combinations.

The official 32" Junk Ball Bat comes with a "sweet spot" that gives you extra power at the plate. New, for this upcoming baseball season are the Junk Ball Classic Bat and Ball Set (SRP $7.99), which includes three classic color combinations, Junk Ball Neon Bat and Ball Set (SRP $7.99), which includes three hot, neon color combinations, and the Glow in the Dark Junk Ball Bat and Ball Set (SRP $8.99).

Junk Ball baseball fans now have an easy to set up, portable Junk Ball Strike Zone (SRP $10.99). The Junk Ball Strike Zone's wire frame makes it easy to "pop" open and set up immediately out of the box. It's also easy to fold up and put in your backpack when your game changes locations.

The Junk Ball Ballpark in a Box (SRP $19.99) includes everything that you need to create a backyard ballpark! The Junk Ball Strike Zone, Junk Ball Baseball, 3 Bases, and 1 Home plate make this set complete for a quick pick up game!

Junk Ball is recommended for ages 5 & up.

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In 2005, LKI Toys launched the award-winning and popular brand of backyard sports toys, Junk BallĀ®. The original Junk Ball baseball takes traditional backyard baseball to a new level with its aerodynamic design that makes it easy to learn how to throw all kinds of "junk" pitches including curves, fastballs, sinkers, risers, sliders, even knuckle balls. The Junk Ball brand has grown to include a complete line of backyard and indoor sports toys including: Junk Ball Baseball Bat and Ball set, Junk Ball Strike Zone and Junk Ball Ballpark in a Box. In 2010, Junk Ball launched a line of backyard baseball products featuring Major League Players Association and Minor League Baseball team licenses. Junk Ball most recently launched Hall Star Sports, a new line of safe indoor sports toys, designed to bring outdoor play indoors. For more information visit us at