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Piggy Back Bandz


Kids Of All Ages Are Experiencing the "Wow" Factor Of This New Patent Pending Product

Thomasville, GA. (February 13, 2011) – For the past two years, shaped rubber bandz have been one of the hottest toy products in the country, but up until now, kids could not appreciate the shape of the guess-what- I’m-wearing silicone rubber bandz by just looking at a friend’s wrist. Is it a pet, a princess or a piece of fruit? You’d have to actually take it off to find out!

Enter Fungrins, LLC, manufacturers and marketers of PiggyBack Bandz (, a patent-pending version that takes the elastic bracelet to a whole new level – perpendicular to your wrist! The company cleverly promotes it as “The Bandz That Stand™.” Essentially, Fungrins has incorporated a mini shaped band that “piggybacks” on top of the traditional shaped rubber band allowing the top shape to be easily seen when placed on the wrist.

So what is the ‘wow’ factor? PiggyBack Bandz at first glance looks similar to many other band bracelets until you slide it on your wrist and watch it stand at attention, upright. Layer the bandz with one, two or a half-dozen more to create a word, a secret code, a design or whatever the imagination whips up. Then trade with your friends!

“Who would have thought,” exclaimed toy industry veteran Richard Gottlieb, “someone could ‘top’ the concept of the shaped rubber band, pun intended, but these guys have come up with a truly novel and very clever concept. I personally witnessed kids’ reactions in Chicago last month at CHITAG (the Chicago Toy & Game Fair™) and was bowled over by their excitement.”

Another Chicago CHITAG observer agreed. -- The Go-To Guide For On-The-Go Families -- picked the hottest toys of 2010 including the shaped rubber band craze and blogged, “PiggyBack Bandz takes this toy a step further by adding a mini-shape that stands up on your arm when you wear the band. Very fun!”

Bandz in every imaginable shape, color and style have been introduced including bandz in tie dye, glitter, glow in the dark, camo and UV activated, however, most bandz are very similar to each other. Even so, these collectible and colorful bracelets have become an estimated $300 million business. According to newspaper and online accounts, in less than 2 years, the fun stretchy shaped rubber bandz have triggered a mania among schoolkids and penetrated celebrity fashion circles. Yahoo’s 10 Obsessions in 2010 ranked them ninth – just This girl's candid reaction, at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair™, is typical of how kids respond when they see PiggyBack Bandz for the first time.

behind the iPhone (#1) and TV’s Glee (#4)! The collectible, addictive nature of the bandz have made them popular with boys and girls alike. As the Wall Street Journal best explained, they “have become an accessory de rigueur on elementary school playgrounds.”

Speaking of the universal craze among kids, “the appeal of bandz lies in their perfect combination of being affordable, collectible and tradable,” says Jackie Breyer, editor in chief of The Toy Book, a monthly magazine. Now there’s a new way to piggyback on this trend plus stand out (and up) from the crowd!

“I predict PiggyBack Bandz will be a very hot item in 2011,” added Gottlieb who blogs “Out of the Toy Box” for Playthings Magazine and comments in his Global Toy News collective. “Every kid who has been into collecting shaped rubber bandz is going to want these.”

That prediction may be realized as soon as the doors open to the 2011 American International Toy Fair in New York. PiggyBack Bandz is a first time exhibitor, and will be showing off its improved bandz with brighter colors at Booth 5575 where anyone and everyone in the toy industry gathers from around the world.

There are currently 8 PiggyBack Bandz themes.

Five new and improved packs: Glam, Football, Sealife, Cool Rides and Safari, feature brighter colors. The Glam, Alphabet and Extra Letters packs now come in funky tie-dye patterns. A ninth theme, Baseball, will be available just in time for opening day. Each retails for $4.99 per pack of 25 bandz (26 for each letter of the alphabet).

Purchasing PiggyBack Bandz is easy – shop their website, or maybe you’re lucky enough to live near one of the specialty stores that carry them. To keep up on the newest styles, follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Canadian kids can find the stand-up bandz at any of the 70 Toys ‘R’ Us stores in Canada.

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About Fungrins LLC
Manufacturers and distributors of PiggyBack Bandz, Fungrins markets exciting new products that are creative, fun and playful for kids and kids at heart. Fungrins, LLC is based in Thomasville, Georgia with partner offices in China, Canada and the UK. For more information, visit or email