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You fill in the blankZ®

You fill in the blankZ®! - Finally a creative toy that YOU design from start to finish.

And you can design it again and again if you want to!

February 13, 2012 - (Virtual Press Office) - Port Washington, New York
Always Been Creative, Inc. (Port Washington, Long Island New York),
a product development company, announced that it is launching the most creative line of plush toys in years dubbed the blankZ® (patent pending).

Always Been Creative, Inc. has developed a creative new line of completely blank plush toys so you can create your own character's look and personality. Each blankZ toy comes with 5 non-toxic, watercolor washable markers (black, red, yellow, green and blue). Best of all if you don't like your design just toss your blankZ in the washing machine and dryer with your other laundry and it comes out fresh, clean and ready to design all over again. "Times are tough financially so parents and creative individuals will appreciate a toy that not only challenges their creativity but can be designed over and over again," says Glenn Rudin founder of Always Been Creative, Inc. and inventor of the blankZ.

We all possess tremendous creativity we just need a vehicle to express that talent." says Rudin. "We're finally giving children and creative individuals the chance to design their own toy so it can look the way they want it to."

The Series 1 set has seven blank characters including; Bare (bear), No Bully (bull), Piggy BlankZ (pig), Ele-Faint (elephant), White Hound (dog), Blank Bunny (rabbit) and Un-Sealed (seal). Every blankZ toy is packed with 5 water-color markers in a colorful acetate box (designed to look like an old fashioned circus animal train car) so it remains clean. Each blankZ toy also includes a blankZdrop™ card so that the designer can also create the toy's living environment. Finally each toy is adorned with its own removable hangtag, which has a poem describing the character.

The company plans an interactive web site that will challenge designers around the country with contests to come up with the best blankZ design.

Series 1 of the blankZ will make their debut at select independent gift and toy stores around the country in the first quarter and at the NY International Toy Fair (booth 6256) February 12 – 15, 2012. All blankZ have a suggested retail price of just $13.99. They will be on sale exclusively at small independent retailers and via the web ( Contact Glenn Rudin about sales or for a free blankZ sample and get in on the creativity.1

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