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Götz Collection Introduces New Additions to the 2010 Product Line

Mini Muffins Parsippany, NJ (February, 2010) – International Playthings, LLC is pleased to announce that Götz dolls will celebrate its 60th year with a variety of new additions! 2010 marks Götz’s 60th year of creating beautiful dolls, made of high-quality materials. With features such as rooted hair made in Germany, sleep eyes, and machine-washable soft bodies, Götz’s superior quality and design provide a lifetime of love.

“As Götz celebrates this landmark anniversary, the dolls continue to captivate young girls’ attention, just as they did 60 years ago,” says Susan Tice, senior brand manager for International Playthings, LLC. “Götz dolls are high-quality, built to withstand years of play while providing that loving focus for little mommies everywhere.”

The newest additions to the Götz Collection include:

Mini Muffins
Mini Muffins are tiny little bundles of love ! These 8-inch dolls come with a bean bag body and painted eyes. Their small size is great for little ones to hold and take with them wherever they go ! The Mini Muffins have updated outfits for 2010 and are available in four different styles: Bald Boy, Bald Girl, Blonde and Brunette. For children ages 3+, each Mini Muffin retails at $16.99.

The Götz Muffin dolls are 13-inch dolls with sleep eyes, a soft body and bean bag bottom. Their fashionable clothing is designed for little ones to easily dress and undress them! From the baby variety, to the styles with high-quality rooted hair, each Muffin doll is perfect for girls ages 3+. Muffin styles include: Bald Muffin in Pink, Bald Muffin in Blue, Blonde Muffin, Brunette Muffin, and African-American Muffin. Each bald style retails for $34.99, and each style with hair retails for $36.99.

Aquini Girl with Potty
Aquini is a drink-and-wet doll that is excellent for young children who are being potty trained! This 13-inch doll has an articulated vinyl body, painted hair, and is anatomically correct. The Götz Aquini Girl with Potty includes potty, hooded towel and bottle. As with the boy version of this doll, she is designed in a way to prevent the ability for bacteria to grow inside. Without a bladder, water flows through and cannot get caught inside of the doll. For girls ages 3+, this doll retails for $34.99.

Maxy Muffins
The Götz Maxy Muffins are 16.5-inch dolls with soft, cuddly bodies, sleep eyes and long rooted hair. Each comes with a high-quality brush and 2 ponytail holders to encourage little ones to brush and play with her hair! As with all of Götz hair, it can be shampooed, blown-dry and brushed time and time again. It is made to withstand years of play! The Maxy Muffins, for children ages 3+, come in two varieties: Brunette Maxy Muffin and Blonde Maxy Muffin. Each doll retails for $62.99.

Maxy Aquini Bath Baby
Little girls will enjoy bath time with these fun bath babies! Each Maxy Aquini Bath Baby is 15 inches tall and features sleep eyes and a fully articulated vinyl body. Their rooted hair can be shampooed and blown dry. The Brunette Bath Baby comes with bath robe and squirter, while the Blonde Bath Baby includes a bath towel and squirter. Each doll, for girls ages 3+ retails at MSRP $64.99.

Precious Day Girl: Elisabeth
Precious Day Girls are 18-inch soft bodied dolls with full vinyl legs and arms. They feature sleep eyes and long rooted hair – and each doll has a unique sense of style! Elisabeth features long rooted brown hair, a cute denim dress with light pink heart buttons, and a pink heart purse.

Lastly, Götz introduces two new outfits for 13” babies (Muffins & Aquinis)!

Green Sleeper
This adorable, soft green sleeper features delightful pink accents and a soft pink cotton jersey cap – perfect for keeping baby cozy and warm! The Green Sleep retails for $20.99.

Summer Dress
The large pink gerber daisy print dress sets the mood for summer days! A polka-dot hat provides the right about of shade for baby. The Summer Dress, retailing at $19.99, gets baby ready for sunny days!

Please visit our booth at Toy Fair – booth # 403.

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About Götz
For 60 years, Götz has been committed to creating beautiful, high-quality dolls that are overflowing with personality and charm. With a wide selection available, from body type to eye color to hair style, Götz has the perfect doll for everyone.

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