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International Playthings Announces New 2010 Additions to the Calico Critters of Cloverleaf Corners Community

The Calico Critters Parsippany, NJ (February, 2010) – International Playthings, LLC introduces several new Calico Critters of Cloverleaf Corners products for 2010, including new families, furniture sets and homes. The Calico Critters line is International Plaything’s wholesome, classic line of animal families and environments that give children the opportunity to experience pretend play with the detailed environments, characters, and ready-to-play sets.

“The Calico Critters of Cloverleaf Corners truly are a timeless, classic toy that promotes wholesome family values,” says Cynthia Dalton, senior product manager for International Playthings, LLC. “With the announcement of the new Calico Critters website designed to showcase the interactive world of Calico Critters, combined with the new 2010 product offerings, children will continue to love and learn with their friends at Cloverleaf Corners in ways unlike ever before.”

In 2010, the Calico Critters line includes many new characters, environments, accessories, and playsets. The new products include:

Country Tree House
Welcome to the Country Tree House! This extraordinary environment includes 2 Mango Monkeys, a hot tub, pagoda, patio, water slide, and lake for tons of pretend play fun. The Tree House also features 4 spacious rooms to fill with furniture and accessories. Critters can feel free to take a dip and relax in the hot tub, enjoy meals outside on the patio or take a fun canoe ride on the lake. Critters can also open the trap door to go down the water slide, or travel across the bridge to the pagoda and view beautiful scenery! The new Country Tree House, for ages 3+, retails at MSRP $199.99.

Country Furniture Sets
New furniture specifically designed for the Country Tree House that can also be used in any Calico home!

  • Country Bedroom Set – MSRP $17.99
  • Country Dining Room Set – MSRP $14.99
  • Country Living Room Set – MSRP $11.99
  • Country Patio Set – MSRP $11.99
Cozy Cottage
The perfect way to start a Calico Critter collection! This cozy cottage comes fully assembled and ready to play with everything you need for hours of pretend play fun. With over 10 furniture pieces and accessories including Bell Hopscotch Rabbit, bed with matching sheets, round table with chairs, kitchen counter with sink and oven, moveable ladder for easy access to each floor, cookware and yummy food! The Cozy Cottage, measuring at 12” x 10.75” x 8”, is for ages 3+ and retails at MSRP $49.99.

Margaret & Halley’s Dress Shop
What’s more fun than shopping for a new dress? Buying two! Mother Margarat takes Halley along to the store and they both have so much fun choosing their own special dresses. Includes Margaret and Halley, 2 dresses, 2 mannequins, hat, handbag, hand mirror, 2 headbands, baby toy and wall portrait. For ages 3+, this set retails at MSRP $18.99.

Rikki & Magnolia’s Shopping Trip
Baby Magnolia loves going with her mother to buy groceries! This playset includes Mother Mouse Rikki, Baby Mouse Magnolia, shopping cart, bottles of milk & fruit juice, jars of strawberry jam & marmalade jam, cans of honey & strawberry syrup, boxes of flour & corn flakes and 2 “glass” bottles. Rikki & Magnolia’s Shopping Trip, for ages 3+, retails at MSRP $18.99.

Camryn’s Country Boutique
Filled with beautiful clothes and accessories, Camryn’s boutique is a ‘must visit’ for all your stylish Critter girls! The Boutique playset includes Camryn Caramel Cat, clothes rack, 3 clothes hangers, 3 dresses, purse, full length tilting mirror, and 3 magazines. Camryn’s Country Boutique, for ages 3+, retails at MSRP $18.99.

Convertible Coupe
Travel around Cloverleaf Corners in style! The new Convertible Coupe includes 3 Whisker Cats, detachable luggage and 2 detachable baby seats with safety straps. The tires and wheel both rotate, and this comfy coupe can fit up to 6 critters! The Convertible Coupe, for ages 3+, retails at MSRP $49.99.

New Calico Critters Families and Twins

  • Caramel Cat Family
  • Sugar Bear Family
  • Milky Mouse Family
  • Pickleweeds Hedgehog Family
  • Ellwoods Elephant Family
  • Milky Mouse Twins
  • Caramel Cat Twins
  • Sugar Bear Twins
  • Pickleweeds Hedgehod Twins
  • Ellwoods Elephant Twins
New Furniture Set and Accessories
  • Deluxe Kitchen Set
  • Sister’s Bedroom Set
  • Deluxe Living Room Set
  • Deluxe Bathroom Set
Please visit our booth at Toy Fair – booth #403.

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About Calico Critters
Calico Critters of Cloverleaf Corners are timeless, classic toys that delight children and promote wholesome family values. These award-winning miniature creatures and their life-like environments have inspired the imagination and creativity of countless children, while promoting healthy physical and cognitive development through pretend play. Calico Critter families are just like real families, and every mom, dad, sister and brother plays an important role in the Cloverleaf Corners community. More information on the individual characters, their stories, roles, relationships and environments can be found at

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