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Floaties Visit Prime Time Toys Toy Fair Booth #2007 to See “the original floaties®”

Hong Kong, China (February 14, 2010) – Moms know that a day at the pool or beach means lots of sunscreen, towels and a steady eye on any child swimming. Floating toys like noodles make the experience fun for kids and a little more reassuring for parents. One toy company is introducing a tried-and-true line of learn-to-swim products from Australia where 90% of its residents live near the coast, making swimming as natural as walking.

Prime Time Toys, Ltd., makers of soft, safe action toys like the Max Liquidator® and Splash Bombs®, has acquired exclusive distribution rights for the U.S. market for “the original floaties®” product line. They’ll have the whole floaties® line on display at Toy Fair this February in Booth #2007.

The mother of invention of the dual-chambered floaties® armband was actually a father, Klaus Maertin, who was horrified when his 18-month-old almost drowned in Australia in 1964. That toddler, Philip Maertin, today oversees a portfolio of floaties® learn-to-swim products, each bright yellow with blue trim that is puncture resistant and meets worldwide safety standards. The younger Maertin recruited Prime Time Toys to bring the floaties® products to a whole new generation in America.

The floaties® learn-to-swim system provides at least one product for every age and every stage of the learning process:

    floaties® Armbands
    Shaped for comfort and ease of movement on little arms, these yellow dual-air chambers come in three sizes, snuggly fitting babies to preteens. The ergonomic, contoured design helps to maintain children in upright positions in the water. floaties® are made for babies and toddlers up to 33 pounds with additional sizes accommodating children up to an amazing 121 pounds.

    floaties® Baby Swim Seat
    This four air chamber seat sports a contoured backrest for support and protection of children up to 3 years old. The Baby Swim Seat comes in three sizes holding babies and toddlers up to 39 pounds. The bright yellow color means high visibility for adults and the wide leg holes give added comfort and safety to babies.

    floaties® Swim Ring
    Designed to give an all-round buoyancy to children ages 2 to 6 years old, this dual-chamber floaties® swim ring helps maintain a child in an upright position in the water for big kids up to 66 pounds.

    floaties® Power Swim Trainer
    Two dynamic products sold together, the inflatable Kicker has a dual chamber with non-return safety valves for children 2+ years old and over 26 pounds. The floaties® Power Swim Trainer is designed to help teach the correct kicking technique in the water. When deflated, the Kicker can be tucked into a small space, making it perfect for traveling. The Bubble is an inflatable pad that fits on the back of a child who may weigh up to 55 pounds, where it encourages the proper horizontal swimming position, aiding beginner swimmers to improve with practice.

Parents anticipating the arrival of floaties® armbands, swim ring, kickboard and more can view a 3-minute YouTube video at where all of the benefits and techniques of the floaties® product line are demonstrated by smiling toddlers and young children in a large community pool. Moms are smiling too, knowing the floaties® products boast the highest industry standards in Europe and Australia . After 45 years, floaties® continues to research and develop new products for every age of the learn-to-swim process.

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floaties® is a registered trademark of Klaus Maertin Australia Pty Ltd