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International Playthings Introduces New Additions to “Wild! Science” Line of Educational Science Kits

Hyperlauncher Rocket Ball Factory Introducing a full range of awesome science activities for kids who love to have fun!

Parsippany, NJ (February, 2010) – International Playthings LLC is pleased to announce the introduction of 11 new additions to the Wild Science™ product line-- an innovative line of products that encourages learning, creativity and lots of fun. Activities are not only science-based, but they consider the context of the world that children live in. They incorporate other interests that kids may have, like fantasy, history, creativity, construction and more. Wild Science™ represents a fresh, innovative and edgy new way to introduce kids to age appropriate scientific concepts while also having fun.

Designed for children ages six and up, the Wild! Science™ line is one of the world’s most consistently awarded range of science kits, designed by an industry-leading children’s science and technology edutainer and learning specialist with over 30 years in the field. Every Wild Science™ kit comes complete with easy-to-understand, colorful instruction booklets that instantly engage children by connecting their interaction with the science kits to human stories featuring “Dr. Wild”. The instruction books are irreverent, educational and age-appropriate, using topics like history and mystery to set the scene for the start of discovery activity. Additionally, each kit includes step by step instructions that range from easy activities with guaranteed success, to challenging activities that engage problem solving skills and application of knowledge.

“Wild Science™ experiments are cool, open-ended and incorporate children’s desire to discover,” says Ticia Will, senior brand manager for International Playthings, LLC. “These kits are appropriate for play-time at home, or for learning-time in the classroom, and will appeal to kids, parents and educators alike.” Wild! Science™ kits for boys and girls include all the materials needed for the activity right out of the box. They each come with a work bench to aid in organization, storage and safety plus real scientific medical grade containers, beakers and measuring devices.

Wild! Science Boys:

Practical Joke Soap
Kids can make their own Horror Hand Wash, Bubbly Brains and much more! Through the discovery activities, children will learn about liquid-solid transitions, the parts of the eye and suspensions. This kit includes 8 different molds, and instructions for over 8 activities. Of course, after all is said and done, clean up is a breeze – it’s soap!
Ages 10+
SRP: $19.99

Hyperlauncher Rocket Ball Factory
Make your own mass accelerating launch balls and discover the science of elastic collisions! Children will also be able to create almost impossible bouncing ball tricks, and mix and mold a supercharged ‘planet collision’ accelerator which fires a small ‘moon’ into orbit. This kit includes 4 graduated size moulds and over 6 activities. Hyperlauncher Rocket Ball, for children Ages 8+
SRP: $16.99

Weird Slime Laboratory
Kids can create slimy green jelly worms, tadpoles and leeches, invisible jellyfish, lay eggs and more! Children will learn about the properties of matter, wet spinning, hydrated crystals and cross linked polymers. The Weird Slime Laboratory includes 8 activities, each of which builds on the skills learned in the previous one. Ages 10+
SRP: $16.99

Wild Physics & Cool Chemistry
The Rocket Ball Factory and Slime Laboratory in one deluxe kit! This science duo includes over 10 activities and experiments with chemistry and physics. Kids will create hyperlaunchers, slimy monsters, tadpole soup and more! Also, children will learn about the science of Force = Mass x Acceleration, catalysts, non-Newtonian fluids and long chain polymers. Ages 10+
SRP: $29.99

Wild! Science Girls:

Bath Bomb Factory
Create bath bombs, soapy volcanoes, crackling balloons and more! Children will learn about carbon dioxide and acid and base reactions. This kit includes 6 activities and experiments in the easy to follow instruction manual. Ages 10+
SRP: $19.99

Luxury Soap Science Laboratory
Create molded and free-form soap shapes and bars all while learning about liquid-solid transitions, suspensions and pigments. Activities are fun and easy, and make great gifts! Ages 10+
SRP: $19.99

Perfect Perfume Laboratory
Create your own formula for heavenly scents! Extract scents and use the perfume you made to create custom perfumes and potpourri. Children can also experiment with scented crystals, sublime slime, forest potpourri and many more activities.
Ages 8+
SRP: $14.99

Beauty Salon
Perfume Laboratory and Bath Bomb factory in one deluxe kit! Including over 12 activities and experiments with bubbles and scents, girls can create crystal potpourri, soap volcanoes, sublime slime, instant fizz and much more! Children will also learn about the structure and changes of properties of matter, mixtures and solutions and chemical reactions. Ages 10+
SRP: $29.99

Beautiful Blob Slime Laboratory
Create slimy blue glass worms, invisible jellyfish, beautiful jelly gems, caviar and more! Girls will learn about the properties of matter, wet spinning and hydrated crystals and cross linked polymers. This kit includes 8 different activities, each of which builds on the skills learned in the previous one. Ages 10+
SRP: $16.99

Magical Crystal Oasis
The Magical Crystal Oasis includes 12 activities and experiments with crystals. Girls will learn about chemical reactions, transfer of energy, structure changes of properties and matter. Activities include creating a frosted fantasy forest, rainbow gel corals and floating crystal islands! Ages 10+
SRP: $29.99

Wild! Science Eco Kits
Future Farm
Grow and eat your own future foods! Learn about the science of Hydroponic Systems, the life cycle of plants and the water cycle. Experiment with wick fed gardens, liquid nutrients, composting, planting, propagating and cloning. This terrific open ended toy allows for children to learn and grow as they set up and continue to interact with their farm – and also connects to the Ant-O-Sphere kits!
Ages 6+
SRP: $34.99

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