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MGA Entertainment Announces Moxie Girlz™ Doll Line

Moxiegirlz VAN NUYS, CA (February 14, 2010) – The award-winning Moxie Girlz™ doll line is back for 2010 with fun and stylish new fashions and creative new doll themes, including More 2 Me™ , I Am…™, and an all-new Art-titude™ line! Moxie Girlz™ encourages girls to reach for their dreams and fearlessly embrace their individuality through self-expression, friendships, and fashion.

The all-new Moxie Girlz™ More 2 Me™ line—inspired by the idea that there is so much more to Moxie Girlz™ than meets the eye—comes with accessories and fashions that can transform as your Moxie Girlz™ go from one activity to another. For example, the clothing and accessories from a Girly Girl can be reversed and changed to create a whole new look for a Sporty Girl. The line also contains full-sized accessories for girls, such as a boombox that transforms into a makeup vanity and a hairbrush that reveals a real, working microphone!

Moxie Girlz™ all have their own secret talents and strengths, which is what the I Am…™ line is all about. These Moxie Girlz™ have special outfits that show off their personal moxie, and a collectible Moxiemini™ pal that help them harness that strength. In addition to the doll packs, I Am…™ also includes customizable Moxieminis™ and charms that girls can collect to show off their strength and moxie to the world!

The Moxie Girlz™ know that Art-titude™ is about being fearless and determined when it comes to expressing yourself. The new Art-titude™ line’s key feature is that girls can create the fashions for their Moxie Girlz™ to express their personal styles. The Airbrush Fashion Gallery has endless opportunities for designing outfits, and there is also an Art-titude™ RC vehicle for the Moxie Girlz™ dolls that girls can cover with their own designs!

Introductions from the More 2 Me™ line:

Moxie Girlz™ More 2 Me™ Doll Pack – The Moxie Girlz™ don’t have to just be one thing… they can be anything. Moxie Girlz™ can go from School Star to Rock Star or from Girly Girl to Sporty Girl. The doll pack includes accessories that transform as your Moxie Girlz doll goes from one activity to the other.

  • $19.99, available at major retailers nationwide

    Moxie Girlz™ More 2 Me™ Music 2 Makeup Boombox – The Music 2 Makeup Boombox/vanity lets you get ready before you rock out. Nobody has to know about the hidden vanity with real makeup hiding inside your real working boombox and MP3 dock! The volume knob reveals hidden nail polish, the sound graph is also nail file with a hidden mirror, the speakers hide secret lip glosses, and the sound controls move to reveal makeup brushes.

  • $29.99, available at major retailers nationwide

    Moxie Girlz™ More 2 Me™ Beauty Phone - You never know when you’ll be called upon to look your best. Be ready to answer your call with this secret makeover hidden inside a cell phone. Find cool makeup surprises hidden inside this stylish cell phone. The cell phone flips open to reveal a make-up palette and applicators. Even the two included hair clips hide secret lip gloss containers!

  • $7.99, available at major retailers nationwide

    Moxie Girlz™ Mic 2 Brush – Get styled for stardom with this fun microphone that doubles as a hairbrush. Always look your best before you hit the stage or rock out solo style. This 2-in-1 Microphone transforms into a hair brush in a snap. It also transmits your voice through the radio to let you sing along with all your favorite tunes. It also includes two hair clips with hidden lip gloss compartments.

  • $16.99, available at major retailers nationwide.

    Introductions from the I Am…™ line:

    I Am…™ Doll Pack – Whether your Moxie Girlz™ doll is smart, strong, or loving, she’s expressing the qualities that make her one of a kind. Each of the three I Am…™ doll packs are different with an outfit and hoodie that make a statement, personalized Moxiemini™ figurine, and a matching keychain charm.

  • $16.99, available at major retailers nationwide

    I Am…™ DIY Moximini™ Figurine – How do you show your moxie? Personalize your moxie style with a Design it Yourself Moxiemini™ that let’s you create a moxified statement all your own! It’s a blank slate for you to design with three colored markers included! Also includes 60+ sticker decals and a cat, boom box, cupcake, wings, and glasses you can decorate too.

  • $12.99, available at major retailers nationwide

    I Am…™ Moxiemini™ Assortment - Need a little luck? Wanna’ cheer up? Hoping for a good grade? Grab onto your favorite Moxiemini™ and harness the strength you need to make it happen. Moxieminis™ help you find the power in yourself! Hope, luck, creative, and happy Moxieminis™ each come with four collectible charms and a chain for you!

  • $6.99, available at major retailers nationwide

    I Am…™ Pillow Assortment – How do you show your moxie? Harness the happiness and the love in you with these sweet Moxie Girlz™ pillows with rosy light-up cheeks. Share your pillow with a friend when she needs a little cheering up. Help her find her moxie once again! I Am…Happy and I Am…Lucky pillows light up when you squeeze them.

  • $12.99, available at major retailers nationwide.

    Introductions from the Art-titude™ line:

    Art-titude™ Doll - Your Moxie Girlz™ doll looks cute and cool with personalized city style. The doll pack includes a funky second outfit, big city fashion accessories, a cool bike and two markers so you can style and personalize your Moxie Girlz™!

  • $16.99, available at major retailers nationwide

    Art-titude™ Best Friends – Moxie Girlz™ love to express themselves by giving everything they wear a personalized twist. Moxie Girlz™ Best Friends Avery™ and Merin™ can wear and share their newest creations. This doll pack features two Moxie Girlz™ wearing fashions you can color again and again. It also includes three washable markers.

  • $24.99, available at major retailers nationwide

    Art-titude™ Fashion Design Kit – The Fashion Design Kit is the ultimate in self expression. It includes stylish fashions you can draw on to create one-of-a-kind looks. To create more styles, just wash clothes with warm water and then you can color them in again!

  • $14.99, available at major retailers nationwide

    Art-titude™ RC Vehicle - Now you and the Moxie Girlz™ can design your very own car with the Art-titude™ RC Vehicle. The vehicle features an environmentally friendly hybrid design and black and white graphics for you to color in yourself with the included set of colorful markers!

  • $29.99, available at major retailers nationwide

    Art-titude™ Airbrush Fashion Gallery Playset – Get ready to show off your unique style with the Airbrush Gallery Playset, which lets you showcase your artistic confidence with cool stencils in funky designs to create the hippest fashions. Host a fashion show to premiere your trendy designs in the studio which also doubles as a fashion boutique. The airbrush works on Moxie Girlz™ fashions and also your own!

  • $29.99, available at major retailers nationwide.

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