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The My-Mini-Me Machine has been busy creating the latest and most loved American Super Hero since Superman pulled on the spandex and took to the Sky’s of Metropolis.


Obaman came to earth from a distant planet and was raised by a family spread around the world by the 4 winds. Many people suspect his Father was from Kenya however we can report that he is actually from “Kenyanite” a planet in the far off galaxy of “Obamanamana”

Obaman fears nothing. His super powers have never been seen before. Whereas Superman may have been able to leap over tall buildings with a single bound, or Spiderman spin a web any size, Obaman can stimulate his foe and friends alike with packages bigger than the legendary John Holmes and with a free spending gift from the gods. He is the peoples champion and the congress’ answer to JFK.

This bi-partisan product of the is unique, makes a great gift and is sure to make you significantly more attractive to the opposite sex and be seen to support a wonderful cause.

Obaman has inherited an earth devastated by George W. Bush and he must find a way to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. His first challenge will be to highlight the evil in the world financial markets and how better to do this by taking on the Villain of all financial Villains, the Evil Bastard, Bernie “he made off with my money” Madoff . This tasteless action figure is also available from but probably nowhere else given it’s crassness.

The Evil Bernie character can be seen in the first episode of My Mini Me TV (MMMTV) where Obaman challenges Evil Bernie and triumphs with the help of the Mini-Me Machine.

The limited edition “Obaman” action figure can be yours for just $99.95 and is available from and hopefully if we do any good at the Toy Fair somewhere else as well.

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