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JAMLiBs Releases its Newest Product for Perler® Bead Designs

JAMLiBs JAMLiBs Announces Three New Products for Your Fused or Perler® Bead Patterns, Ideal for Perfecting Your

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--From Toy Fair: Department 438, a leading children’s arts and crafts manufacturer, today announced the availability of three new JAMLiBs creations (Jewels, Creative Pack, and Word Fun). The reusable JAMLiBs will decorate and accessorize your fused or Perler bead designs.

Each accessory pack is created for a different theme. The Creative Pack allows your children to let their imagination run wild with all kinds of artistic designs to complete the perfect Perler bead patterns. With lots of diamonds, hearts, googly eyes, magnets for hanging the completed projects and creative word buttons in an array of colors, there are many different opportunities for decorating your Perler or fused bead designs.

The Jewels lets your girls accessorize as only girls can. With diamonds, stars, flowers, hearts and more in an array of colors, there are many different opportunities to accessorize your fused or Perler bead designs.

Finally, there is Word Fun to personalize your creation. Once you have finished your Perler beads patterns, you can use these Ford Fun buttons to personalize your designs with the pre-printed buttons, like “Happy B-Day,” or write up your own, add your best friends name or your favorite saying. All JAMLiBs are reusable.

“My children have played with Perler beads designs for years and I am extremely happy and proud to be able to offer all children a chance to take their Perler bead ideas to the next level of creativity,” said Brad Wilcox, JAMLiBs Managing Director. “We believe this will truly enhance the overall enjoyment and creative experience for all children, while enjoying their fused bead creations.”

Visit JAMLiBs at the Toy Fair in New York City February 15th through the 18th in booth 5953.

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About JAMLiBs
JAMLiBs is a division of Department 438 located in Superior, Colorado. JAMLiBs is a leading quality manufacturer of art and crafts for kids, specializing in expanding the creativity of children. JAMLiBs (patent pending) were created with the intent of enhancing children's experiences as they create designs with Perler beads patterns or fused Beads patterns. For more information visit,