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See and Hear the New Must-Have Bike Gizmo

Haddonfield, NJ (February 28, 2012) - Long before there were computers, smart phones and tech-y toys, kids in the neighborhood rode bikes. The joy of riding a bicycle had the benefits of fresh air, exercise and going somewhere, if only up the street. If you were lucky, you also got to personalize your wheels with baseball cards and clothespins! Ah, that click-clack sound made everyone around you think you were so cool! Fast-forward to 2012 and the hottest accessory for kids who love to pedal is the Kool Rider, a clip-on accessory that mimics the sound of a speeding motorbike.

"In salute to all of us who have attempted to create a motor like sound from our bicycle using such items as baseball cards, playing cards, balloons, plastic water bottles, aluminum cans, popsicle sticks," explained Kool Rider co-founders Howard McClurd and Troy Spencer, friends since they were 5-year-old boys. "We offer kids everywhere this clip-on accessory that's a cinch to put on and truly durable. We tested the Kool Rider on one bike for 250 miles and it barely had a scratch!"

The card and clothespin has morphed into a very sophisticated blend of performance polymers from DuPont. The results are incredible -- the flappers hit the spokes of the bicycle wheel producing a sound similar to those made by motorbikes. The clamp force and spring action remain intact no matter the weather or season.

Kool Rider fits most two wheelers. To maximize the "Big Motor Sound," clip on two! A smaller Little Kool Rider for beginner-type bikes is in the works for later this year so even the youngest riders can be the envy of the block. By working with DuPont, the unique and special select blend of high performance polymers produces a pleasing, accurate sound and tone, according to the New Jersey-based company.

Consumers who have taken a "test drive" adore the concept:

    All my friends have it and we have our own bike club -- Daniel ~ Dallas, TX
    It's so easy to put on and sounds great Randy ~ San Diego, CA
    All my grandkids have one.... Thanks Kool Rider Jim ~ Philadelphia, PA
    Bought my son a Kool Rider and I can't get him off his bike! -- Emily ~ Jacksonville, FL

Beyond the cool factor of riding a great sounding bike, there are lifelong health benefits with cycling. According to a recent Parents magazine article, "kids burn calories; develop strength, balance, and overall fitness; and strengthen the heart, lungs, and lower-body muscles and bone. But biking boasts other benefits as well. Children of all shapes, sizes, and abilities can ride a bike. Most important, bicycling is a healthy outdoor activity that the entire family can enjoy together."

Childhood obesity has been on the rise, and this just might be the answer to get kids off the computer, the electronic games, away from the TV, and outside exercising by riding their bikes!

Each Kool Rider box includes one quick clip-on unit and colorful stickers to personalize the bike accessory. The product is Made in the U.S.A, and the company utilizes developmentally disabled adults to assemble the units and packaging before shipping to retailers.

Parents can purchase one or more online at and this spring, at sporting goods and toy stores nationwide.

Kool Rider ~ Ages 6+ ~ $9.95
Ideal for girls and boys, this clever add-on makes a two-wheeler go from ho-hum to at vroom with the authentic sounds of a motorbike. The secret is in the high performance polymers developed DuPont labs. Simple to use, just clip on the single unit on each wheel. For bigger sound effect, clip on two. Kids can customize their bikes with the included, long-lasting stickers. What's next? Watch for Kool Riders emblazoned with Major League Sports (MLB, NFL, NHL) logos from your favorite teams. To order or for more information, visit their website at Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to learn when new Kool Rider merchandise becomes available

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