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Zebra Mix Lets Kids Have Their Cupcake and Eat It Too!

Zebra Mix Seattle, WA (March 8, 2010) – Get ready parents, this is the smartest, tastiest line of baking kits we have ever seen. True to its promise, Zebra Mix is brilliantly simple.

Each all-natural and organic baking kit comes with a poster-size, double-sided Safari Baking Map with step-by-step instructions and activities to make the baking process fun, easy and full of smart learning. After selling more than 90,000 Zebra Mix Baking Activity Kits since 2008, parents Brian Alm and Lisa Burgess are excited to share their baking kits with families across the U.S.

Way more than a stir-n-bake, Zebra Mix turns baking into a real adventure with its Safari Baking Map instructions. Each map is loaded with engaging graphics designed for kids age 4-12 and accommodates non-readers all the way up to kids who can read a scientific formula. The Brownie Bites even teach Spanish! So have your preschooler crack their own eggs by following the illustrated pictures and see if your 12- year-old can solve the Zebra Cupcake Mystery - all while Stirring Up Fun®!

Building a Zebra - Striped Brand

After baking with their two little girls and finding themselves doing most of the work, graphic designers Alm and Burgess created Zebra Mix baking activity kits as a way to engage their kids in the baking process (while also enjoying some family togetherness).

“We developed the idea for Zebra Mix because as parents, we were able to identify a need for interactive learning kits for kids,”said Alm. “As designers we were able to create a concept that appeals visually to kids and engages them in the baking process much like a traditional board game.”

Committed to keeping kids healthy inside and out, Zebra Mix kits are made with organic and all-natural ingredients. Just add fresh ingredients like eggs and butter. Zebra Mix is tasty enough to serve at Mom’s book club and healthy enough to load the lunchbox. Since Zebra Mix made its debut, toy industry judges and editors have bestowed numerous prestigious awards including:

    ¥ National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval
    Zebra Cupcake & Frosting Treasure Tin
  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Awards
    Organic Flower Power Cookie Baking Activity Kit
    Zebra Cupcake & Frosting Treasure Tin & Rainbow Drop Cookie Treasure Tin

As brand builders and graphic designers with 15 years of experience in consumer products, Alm and Burgess assembled a group of kids and parents called the “Zebra Mix Think Tank” to help develop, test and perfect many puzzles, recipes and instructions before coming up with the wildly successful Safari Baking Maps. Each map is double-sided with two levels of learning and kids follow illustrated, step-by-step baking instructions and enjoy a host of engaging activities. Kids conduct zany science experiments while measuring ingredients, work their way through a word puzzle or maze, or create their own work of art on a cupcake. The end result is delicious!

Okay, this is one of the coolest things I’ve seen. As a teacher and a mom who loves to be in the kitchen with my kiddos, this takes the cake. Or cupcake. Or brownie. Or cookie. Because they offer baking kits designed just for kids with fully illustrated instructional "maps" that walk kids step by step through the process of making a delicious treat. It incorporates Math skills (fantastic!). As well as language arts - reading skills, following directions and fun word puzzles. Millie - Mammalicious Finds

Zebra Mix

Zebra Mix gift kits and Baking Activity Kits

    Deluxe Kits (Ages 4 -12) $19.99
    Choose Cupcake Studio Kit or Flower Power Sugar Cookie Kit to showcase your artistic side. These award-winning kits include Safari Baking Map with an Idea Map, all the dry ingredients, a frosting pen, decorating sugars and Zebra striped cupcake papers for the studio kit. Flower Power cookies kit includes adorable dragonfly and flower cookie cutter plus a high-quality child-size silicone rolling pin. Available at; Borders, Toys R Us and online at Amazon, Fatbraintoys,Cheftools and See for a list of retailers.

    Treasure Tins (Ages 4 -12 ) $12.99 Open up the Zebra-striped treasure tin and discover an hour of delicious stirring, mixing and decorating, choose the Rainbow Drop Cookie Kit or Zebra Cupcake & Frosting Kit. With the Safari Baking Map, the process is as much fun as eating your treats ! When you are finished, pack your goodies up in your stylish treasure tins and head down the neighborhood to share your treats. Available at; Borders, Toys R Us and online at Amazon, Fatbraintoys,Cheftools and See for a list of retailers.

    Baking Activity Kits (Ages 4 -12) $5.99 These kits are perfect for storing in your pantry for play dates, afterschool, babysitters or when ever you need a fun activity or dessert. Select Whole Foods, Toys R Us and, and feature three delicious choices: Chocolate Chip Cookie, Brownie Bites and Zebra Cupcake & Frosting Kits. The brownie kit teaches simple Spanish words. At this price, treat the kids to all three! Available at select Whole Foods and online at,

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    About Zebra Mix
    Zebra Mix was created by parents with two energetic daughters and a successful graphic design/marketing firm. Like most kids, their girls loved to bake; like most grown-ups, they quickly discovered scratch baking required lots of pre-planning and supervision, and that without sophisticated reading skills, kids could not "own" the project. So, this creative team developed Zebra Mix Baking Activity Kits, a line of innovative baking kits that place kids in the center of the baking process - where the real fun and learning begin. Each baking kit includes all-natural and organic ingredients, and an award-winning Safari Baking Mix with step-by-step instructions and activities to get kids using their smarts in the kitchen. Please visit and see how you can start Stirring Up Fun®!