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Easter Scene Wooden Pop-out Puzzle


Fishers, IN (March 8, 2012) - The true meaning of religious holidays can get lost on kids with so much of the attention on the secular themes of Santa and the Easter Bunny. The latest products now available from Wee Believers will teach children about the true meaning of Easter through toys and puzzles while taking a joyful and kid-friendly approach to the holiness of the season. Wee Believers' high-quality, colorful and innovative playthings bring faith and fun together and can be used at home, in the car, in church or anywhere! By presenting important religious events using charming illustrations and meaningful text, it's easier for kids to understand and internalize the reason why holidays are celebrated. Through repeated play, meanings are further reinforced. In plenty of time for the start of Lent, Wee Believers will introduce three new Easter-themed products, which will hit stores in mid-February.

Easter Scene Wooden Pop-out Puzzle * $16.99
The resurrection scene springs to life in this 3D wooden puzzle. 14 wooden pieces click into the base of the 16" x 12" puzzle. Recreate the resurrection scene as told in Matthew 28, and then use your imagination to create additional scenes. Parents can use the puzzle to point out key figures and places.

Easter 15-Piece Magnet Book * $13.99
On-the-go or at home, this 15-piece magnet book is creative fun! Kids can position and reposition the 15 durable magnet pieces on the book and recreate the resurrection. An included booklet explains the story of Easter in a kid-friendly and approachable way. Because everything is magnetic, it can even be used in the car or at church. Or, take the pieces to the refrigerator or any other magnetic surface! Magnet book is 15" x 8" open and comes with a reusable vinyl bag.

2-in-1 Easter Floor Puzzle * $14.99
An oversized 54-piece 2' x 3' puzzle features a joyful Easter resurrection illustration on one side and a serene spring scene on the other. Solve one puzzle at a time, or for an extra challenge, mix all 54 pieces together and try to sort and solve.

Wee Believers is also introducing a fabulous new year-round product in early 2012:

2-in-1 Noah's Ark Floor Puzzle * $12.99
This round 28" double-sided puzzle features beautiful original artwork of Noah along with a parade of animals on one side, and Noah's Ark and underwater friends on the other side. Contains 48 total pieces. Makes a great family or classroom activity.

In addition to the new Noah's Ark Floor Puzzle, Wee Believers also makes rinse-and-reuse coloring plush and coloring mats, dinner-table placemats, an adorable praying plush lamb, peg puzzles and lacing toys, all which are appropriate for year-round play. Nativity and winter-themed products are also available from the company.

The nativity-themed products recently garnered attention from the blogging community, specifically Catholic motherhood bloggers. The response from the bloggers showed how universally well-received the company's products are.

"Especially during the Christmas holiday, it's even more important to find gifts that remind our children of Christ, as that's really the true meaning of Christmas," noted Andrea Summers of Momma In Flip Flops 2. "I was absolutely thrilled when I had the opportunity to do a review for a company that carries products that I really love."

Laura O'Neill, the blogger at Day by Day in Our World, said: "To say we were impressed with their products would be an understatement. Overall, we are beyond thrilled with the products from Wee Believers. While some of their products, like the Vocation Dolls, are definitely geared toward Catholics, many of their products would work in any Christian household." And bloggers weren't the only ones who appreciated the company's nativity-themed products. Catholic and Christian gift stores nationwide could hardly keep the company's products on their shelves—with many reordering several times throughout the season.

Information on all of the Wee Believers products can be found at

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