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Kids can create anything imaginable on the world’s largest canvas—the great outdoors—with new Crayola Sidewalk crayons and Airbrush Painter.

February 1, 2009 — EASTON, PA — This year’s best pictures won’t only appear on the silver screen this summer. You’ll also find them in neighborhoods across America when new additions to the award-winning Crayola Outdoors line hit driveways and sidewalks near you! With new super bright Crayola Sidewalk Crayons and Sidewalk Crayon Color Blenders, kids can really color outside the lines and create everything imaginable with the first crayons made to turn driveways, playgrounds and sidewalks into colossal coloring books. The colors are so bright, the sun might even get a little jealous!



  The new Crayola Airbrush Painter lets kids “pump out” airbrushed designs using Crayola Washable Sidewalk paint and a special hand-held airbrush. Just pump, point and spray and your driveway will be the talk of the neighborhood! These and all Crayola Outdoors activities easily wash away with a garden hose when the fun is done!

Crayola Sidewalk Crayons offer kids more than pretty pastels to create outdoor masterpieces. Once reserved for bringing coloring books to life, this new technology offers the richest, brightest, boldest colors for creating extraordinary outdoor artwork. The difference is striking, as the smooth, creamy colors lay down with unmatched brightness.

The palette of 15 washable unique colors are a great addition to kids’ collection of outdoor art supplies and a perfect complement to Crayola Sidewalk chalk. Plus, Crayola Sidewalk crayons are the same size as their Sidewalk chalk cousins, so they’re interchangeable with all Crayola Sidewalk Chalk Tools.



  Sidewalk Crayon Color Blenders give kids a fun and interactive way to blend colors easily on outdoor surfaces. The funky shapes fit comfortably in kids’ hands, so no extra tools are required to draw double or triple lines, or big swooshes of bright bold color! Since their color-blended masterpieces can easily be washed away, kids will get the “green light” to color on their outdoor canvas ‘til their hearts’ content!

Crayola’s Sidewalk Crayon Color Blenders include 3 washable dual-colored crayon forms in green/purple, orange/yellow, and blue/red color combinations.

Crayola Airbrush Painter allows kids to enjoy the once forbidden art form of airbrushing with a kid-created tool for decorating driveways and sidewalks. Just fill the handle with Crayola Washable Sidewalk paint, pump up the color, push a button and voila -- kids can create washable colorful airbrushed art freehand or with star, moon and swirl stencils. As an added safety feature, the airbrush only sprays when pointed downward, so young artists won’t become part of their artwork!

Crayola Airbrush Painter includes a large, 9-inch airbrush, a 7-oz. bottle of Crayola Washable Sidewalk paint, 2 sidewalk stencils, and 4 stencil shapes. Sidewalk paint refills are available in packs of 3 bottles and must be used with the original bottle for accurate paint to water measurements.

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