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CitiBlocs Wins SAFbaby and Mother Approved Child Tested Award

TAMPA, FL (March 22, 2010)— It’s not easy to find a toy that parents like, children will play with, and is environmentally friendly. That’s why the founders of and created their award program, to reward companies like recent Excellence Award winner, CitiBlocs, for their commitment to eco-friendly practices and highquality playthings.

In order to win the and (MACT) Excellence Award, everything from the product itself, to the manufacturing practices must have passed a very stringent set of safety standards. Additionally, the product is tested by real-deal families. There is no other award that tests products with both mom and children and also does a materials safety check.

Here’s what they had to say about the play value of CitiBlocs:

“Put your noisy colorful toys away and bring out this creative, unpretentious toy. This natural wooden block set is a childhood classic and it keeps many kids engaged in creative play for hours. If you’re looking for a sweet, safe alternative toy (to those flashy noisy games that over-stimulate our nervous systems) maybe it’s time for some quiet play with CitiBlocs."

And about the safety of CitiBlocs:

“Many wooden blocks are painted (unfortunately, sometimes with toxic paints or finishes) and some even contain glues that press the wood. The frightening concern about some glues in our children’s toys is that they may contain formaldehyde. Citiblocs are 100% natural, free from formaldehyde, glues, lead and other harmful substances. These are the kind of toys parents like seeing around the home!”

For more information, visit CitiBlocs online at

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About CitiBlocs
With a kit to fit every playroom, parents, schools and youth leaders can choose one of seven block boxes including the ambitious 1,000-piece wooden block set. CitiBlocs are available online at, Toys R Us and other national chains, and at and additional specialty retailers. For more information, visit their website at