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Götz Dolls Return To The States!

Skaneateles, NY (April 4, 2013) -- The big news in Toyland this year is the return of the beloved Götz product line to American toy shelves. Considered by many doll enthusiasts to be the finest vinyl play dolls and artist dolls in the world, their new address will be spelled H-A-B-A. HABA will showcase the latest Götz line of Muffin, Aquini and 18" Precious Day standing dolls with matching accessories.

The history of Götz is as storied as HABA's. A mere 12 years after wooden-toy maker HABA was founded, another German toy company was born. In 1950, Marianne Götz handcrafted beautiful dolls while her husband, Franz Götz, would sell them from a wagon he pulled with his bike. Six decades later these two prominent companies have come together to sell their adored wares to American children.

For generations the magic of a Götz doll was its extraordinary hair, sculptured face, trendy clothing and its soft fabric or vinyl body. Their superior quality and design remain a favorite of doll lovers and collectors. For 2013, the trend of exceptional continues with 13" Muffin and her counterparts 8" Mini Muffin and 16.5" Maxy Muffin. A second line of dolls, 13" Aquinis, will make a splash with tots due to their waterproof vinyl design. They can drink and use the potty! Cosy Aquinis are a softer version that can be cuddled and bathed. Of course the 18" standing, poseable Precious Day dolls make a statement all of their own.

Two features make Götz dolls stand above all others. First, their renowned doll hair can be washed, styled (even with a curling iron or blow dryer on low settings!) and brushed just like their owner's hair! It's a company secret but the long locks are rooted in the doll's scalp and won't snarl. The hair is proudly made in Germany and shipped to the factory in China where the dolls are made and assembled.

Second, these dollies can be tossed in the washing machine! Place the doll in a pillowcase, turn the water to cold, delicate cycle, then let the doll lie, belly down, until dry!

Muffin * Ages 3+
This adorable 13" doll is an ideal companion for a preschooler who wants to pretend to be a new mommy. The Götz Muffin doll comes with an assortment of fun accessories -- a white trouser outfit, a nightcap, and a shirt. Her vinyl face and huggable body can stand up to the hardest hugs that your child can dish out. Also look for:

  • 13" Muffin, comes with blonde or brunette hair, or dark skin • $44.99
  • 8" Mini Muffin - blue eyes, available in four styles • $24.99
  • 16.5" Maxy Muffin - choice of two styles with no hair, or two brunettes, a blonde and a red head • $74.99
  • 13" Muffin in basic onesie to dress • $34.99
  • 16.5" Maxy Muffin in basic onesie to dress (no hair) • $59.99
Aquini * Ages 3+
This little playmate is a waterproof drink-and-wet doll that is excellent for young children who are being potty trained. Each 13" doll has a vinyl body, painted hair, and is anatomically correct. Each comes with its own potty to use, a hooded towel and bottle.
  • Aquini Girl (anatomically correct) 13" no hair plus clothing & potty 6 piece set • $39.99
  • Aquini Boy (anatomically correct) 13" no hair plus clothing & potty 6 piece set • $39.99

Cosi Aquini * Ages 3+
These soft body dolls can be played with in the bath, and are designed to drain water easily to stay clean and fresh and not retain water. Cosi Aquinis are not anatomically correct and do not drink or use the potty.

  • Cosy Aquini 13" Blonde ponytail, soft body doll, plus 8 piece set • $74.95
  • Cosy Aquini 13" Blonde with braids, clothing and bath• $59.99

Maxy Aquini * Ages 3+
This 100% waterproof doll is similar to the Cosi Aquini, but has a vinyl body. Maxy Aquinis are not anatomically correct and do not drink or use the potty. Great for bath time play.

  • Maxy Aquini 16.5" Brunette or Blonde Doll with 7 piece clothing set * $69.99

Precious Day Dolls * Ages 3+

  • Precious Day Jessica 18" Standing Doll, long blonde hair * $89.99
  • Precious Day Elizabeth 18", long brunette hair * $89.99
  • Precious Day Julia 18", long red hair * $89.99

Götz Doll Accessories & Outfits
Expand your Götz collection with 30 new outfits and accessories for role play any day!

  • 3-wheel heavy duty stroller with canopy & storage, fits all Götz dolls * $59.99
  • Table seat, fits all Götz dolls * $29.99
  • Car seat with foldable canopy for dolls up to 16.5" * $39.99
  • Bassinet soft two handled carrier for dolls up to 16.5" * $39.99
  • Rosa Snowsuit for 13" dolls * $26.99
  • 2 Baby pullovers for dolls 13" to 16.5" * $24.99
  • 2 onesies for 13" * $24.99
  • 2 pants for 13" doll • $24.99
  • 6 piece Basic Care Set (potty and feeding) * $29.99
  • Ballerina Set 7 pieces for 18" dolls * $33.99

Beyond this snapshot of a list, Götz carries a wide array of clothing for all of its doll sizes. Because since 1950 they have continually updated & expanded their product line to stay current with the trends so that they become and remain your children's most loyal playmates!

Look for these latest offerings plus hundreds of other toys, dolls and games on store shelves or online at

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