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Marshmallow Fun Company Celebrate Spring With Some Fluffy White Stuff (Not Snow!)

Marshmallow Fun Company Introduces New Ways to Launch Marshmallows Up to 30 Feet

Dallas, TX (April 6, 2010)— When walking around this spring, be on the lookout for flying white fluffy stuff, but it won’t be snow, it will be marshmallows. The latest products from Marshmallow Fun Company take marshmallows from a nice topping for hot cocoa to edible ammo!

The company is excited to share its latest products, which includes the first-ever rapid fire shooter:

MForcer MForcer • Ages 6+ • $39.95
The MForcer’s compact size lends well to sneak attacks, and it’s the firstever rapid fire marshmallow shooter, so you’ll be able to shoot 15 consecutive marshmallows at unsuspecting targets. It packs all the punch of Marshmallow Fun Company’s flagship Marshmallow Shooter into a quarter of the size! It’s also the only product from Marshmallow Fun Company that has a rapid fire feature. Load up to 15 mini-marshmallows into the chamber, give it a quick pump, and the MForcer is set for rapid fire attack. There’s no need to for any additional pumping after each shot.

Elite Blaster in Case • Ages 6+ • $49.95
This Elite Blaster comes in a professional-style carrying case, so whether it’s a prank at the office, or an attack in the backyard, you’ll be well-equipped. The pump-action Blaster fires large marshmallows (one at a time) approximately 30 feet at the target of choice.

Marshmallow Fun Company Marshmallow Cross Bow • Ages 6+ • $35.95
Set your target, draw back the bow string and let marshmallows fly! This high-powered Marshmallow Cross Bow shoots large marshmallows, one at a time, up to 30 ft. Available in Classic (blue and red) or Camo styles.

Marshmallow Fun Light Cap • One Size • $11.95
A perfect accessory for the marshmallow shooting enthusiast! The Light Cap has Marshmallow Fun Company’s logo embroidered on the front, with two white and two red lights on the brim. Available in black and tan colors.

The new designs, along with all other Marshmallow Fun Company products, are designed with safety in mind. Products are specially designed to shoot soft marshmallows only. Each shot is compressed, and if the ammo doesn’t bounce back like a fresh marshmallow should, it won’t shoot. That way, parents can rest assured that the only thing their little ones will be able to shoot are super-soft marshmallows. Another great feature of Marshmallow Fun Company’s products is that they’re designed to be either dishwasher- or hand wash-safe, so that more time can be spent shooting, and less time cleaning.

Six years ago, Marshmallow Fun Company got its start when parents Beaver and Kim Raymond created homemade marshmallow blowers for their son Jake’s 9th birthday party. The shooters were such a success, they decided to start a company specializing in marshmallow shooting products. Over time, they developed different models, including some for kids, adults and even a few executive models for the playful office.

In the past year, Marshmallow Fun Company has experienced tremendous growth, from $4 million in 2008 sales to $7.5 million in 2009. The company’s light-hearted, fun, and affordable products have proven to be a hit even when times are tough. In 2009, the company was featured in People magazine, on Good Morning America and on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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About Marshmallow Fun Company
The Marshmallow Fun Company is proving that you can have fun with your food, especially when you can shoot marshmallows up to 40 feet at unsuspecting targets. The company’s fun products are putting new meaning to the concept of "fast food." Visit the company online at