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Now Kids Can Gather Around the Table, Campfire or Sleeping Bag

New Games Create Conversations Wherever They Go

Eureka, MO (April 21, 2009) Want to know what kids talk about? Then go talk to a kid! No kidding! That s what Beth Daniels, owner of Around The Table Games did when she wanted to add new titles to her award-winning line of games, Family Talk and Grandparent Talk.

Three new versions of the game, Camp Talk, Buddy Talk, and Teen Talk were each inspired and created for kids, by kids. So, no matter where they are, kids can engage in colorful conversations with new friends or learn things they never knew about old pals and family members.

Each of the three games comes with 50 conversation bubble-shaped cards:

Camp Talk Camp Talk Gather around and make new friends with&Camp Talk! Perfect gift for kids heading off to camp or for family camping trips! Camp Talk is the perfect way to get to know new camp friends on the bus to camp, in the bunk after lights-out or around the campfire while eating s mores! It s also a great way to learn fun things about your family! Just draw a card, read one of the 50 cool questions and let the fun begin! The handy flashlight and compass allow you to navigate your way back to your campsite or cabin for some fun, late night conversations! Ages 7+, MSRP $7.99. Here s a small sample of the questions included in Camp Talk:

  • What's the funniest or most unusual nickname for a counselor you ve heard?
  • If you wrote your own campfire song, what would it be about?
  • Name a place you feel you can really be yourself.
Buddy Talk

Buddy Talk - Fun ways to get your friends talking! Buddy Talk is rapidly becoming the rage for both boy and girl BFFs. Find out a ton about your friends at the bus stop, during recess or at a sleepover. Ages 7+, MSRP $7.99. Here s a small sample of the questions included in Buddy Talk:

  • What's your favorite thing about summer break?
  • If you could have picked your own name, what would it be?
  • What is the funniest trick your pet can do?

Teen Talk Teen Talk A fun way for teens to really get to know their friends! This set of diverse questions is sure to spark some colorful conversations among teens! The cool carabiner clip attaches to backpacks, sports bags or overnight bags for fun conversations anytime! MSRP $7.99. Here s a small sample of the questions included in Teen Talk:

  • What is one thing you couldn t live without?
  • What influences you the most?
  • What is the weirdest dream you ve ever had?
  • Do you think guys/girls act or talk differently online than they do in person? Why? - What would be the title of YOUR autobiography?

Also new for 2009, Around The Table Games is offering a double-deck tin with full playing-card-sized Family Talk and Grandparent Talk decks. Makes a great addition to any family gathering or game night. Each tin comes with 200 conversation cards. MSRP $19.99

Family Talk Around the Table Games is rolling out new and improved cards for Family Talk, Family Talk 2 and Grandparent Talk. All cards will be larger playing-card-sized, made from heavier paper stock with rounded edges and equipped with a circular carabiner for easier flipping. MSRP on each 100 card set is $9.99.

Family Talk and Grandparent Talk have received multiple awards, including a 2008 iParenting Media Outstanding Product Award, a Top 10 Puzzles & Logical Thinking Games from Dr. Toy s 100 Best Children s Products of 2008, the Grandkids Gift Guide 2008 Superproduct Award, the National Parenting Center 2008 Fall Seal of Approval and a Teachers Choice for the Family Award 2009.

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Creator and owner of Around the Table games, Beth Daniels was blessed to have her grandparents and great-grandparents in her life for decades. Over the years, she realized that the more she learned about them, the better she understood herself. As an Occupational Therapist, wife and mother of two, Daniels understands all too well how active lives and busy schedules can prevent families from sharing the anecdotes and folklore that make a family a family. That s why she created Family Talk and Grandparent Talk games as a fun way for families to reconnect.

What began as a business of bringing families together through conversation has now brought the Daniels family together through entrepreneurship! Beth s 9-year-old daughter saw and heard the impact that her mom s games had on peoples lives, so she decided to write some games of her own. Thanks to Beth s daughter s hard work, in 2009, Around the Table added Buddy Talk (for tweens) and Camp Talk (for kids going away to camp) to its line of conversation games. The family involvement continued as Beth s niece wrote Teen Talk - a conversation game designed for Teens! For more information, click on