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Baby GoGo Baby Doll Reinvented for the 21st Century

Gender-neutral, medium skin tone, contemporary Baby GoGo doll appeals to every child

BAY VILLAGE, Ohio, May 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Gone are the tired pastel pink and blue outfits with antiquated ruffles and bows. Baby GoGo™, a gender-neutral baby doll for today's children, is now available at local specialty toy stores and online at

"We believe this is the most significant change in baby dolls in at least 30 years," says Little Sib company founder Margaret Winchester. "I strongly believe that children will more readily attach to a doll that reminds them of their own special world.

Baby GoGo™ features a medium skin tone and is clothed in exciting contemporary colors so that it appeals to all boys and girls and encourages them to learn to nurture. The Baby GoGo™ Goes Home Doll Set, priced at $39.99, comes with the 13-inch doll dressed in soft, cozy pajamas and a hat and accompanied by a beautifully detailed "blankie," and a full-color "Baby GoGo™ Goes Home" storybook, which follows the baby's homecoming after birth and getting to know siblings and family. Baby GoGo™ is appropriate for children ages three and older.

Also available is a line of accessories, starting with a diaper bag, a child-sized bag made of 100 percent cotton canvas that includes a cotton diaper and has plenty of room for children to add their own essentials. It is priced at $24.99. The Moses Bed, priced at $29.99 and available this summer, is also made of 100 percent cotton material, and is the perfect place for children to put Baby GoGo™ down for a nap. Straps are just the right length to allow children to easily carry the bed around the house and to play dates.

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About Little Sib, LLC
Little Sib provides children with toys that nurture and inspire them to be healthy, loving men and women through imaginative play. The company's first product , Baby GoGo™, reinvents the classic baby doll. It's fun, colorful, safe, environmentally friendly and the answer to the outdated, traditional baby doll that is limited in its versatility for children of all races and genders. Visit the web site at

SOURCE Little Sib, LLC