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Miami, FL (May 10, 2012) - When you hear the expression "sugar and spice" you naturally think of little girls. And when you hear the poem's third stanza, "tea parties, laces and baby doll faces - that's what little girls are made of" you may be surprised that even today's hi-tech youngsters still love to cuddle a dolly. JC Toys, makers of the world's most realistic looking baby dolls, are delighted to announce the arrival of over two-dozen darling dolls just waiting for a pair of little loving arms. Because that's what little girls are made of!

Feeding, bathing, dressing and cuddling a new baby doll is what JC Toys is all about. For over 30 years the award-winning doll makers have sculpted incredibly realistic looking dolls for little mommies worldwide. New this year are plenty of lifelike dolls within the collections La Newborn, Lil' Hugs, Lil' Cutesies, Mini La Newborn and Lots to Cuddle Babies. They join the hundreds of doll styles sold around the world under the JC Toys banner. Little girls and their love of baby dolls are just as strong as when parents and grandparents were young.

"Have you ever marveled at how your little girl instinctively knows to cradle her baby doll?" starts off an article on the benefits of doll play at "In fact, doll play is one of the very first indicators of the ability for imaginative play. One of the first bits of make-believe child development experts see is a very young toddler 'feeding' their baby or stuffed animal."

The newest dolls, priced from $12.99 to $59.99, allow youngsters to role-play the hugs, kisses and cuddles that they observe in their own family. What's remarkable about these dolls are their faces -- full of amazing expressions and realistic eyes, hands, nose and even belly buttons. The secret to JC Toys' longevity in the toy market is their famous sculpts and accessory designs.

The sculpting of all its dolls, explains the JC Toys website,, is headed by the artistic direction of Salvador Berenguer. The Berenguer family name has been associated with doll design since the 1940s. Possessing the same natural talent for doll design as his famous doll designer father, Salvador Berenguer followed the family tradition of designing dolls with an unending passion for perfection.

Most play doll companies wouldn't consider investing in so many doll sculpts, but the many and varied expressions on their dolls' faces are the secret to JC Toys' success. Another investment the company makes is in authenticity of ethnities. Many play doll companies typically just use a different color vinyl in a single sculpt to represent different ethnicities but not JC Toys. Remarkable is one adjective that parents will use when discovering these beautiful dolls. Recent consumers at couldn't stop gushing:

I wanted a realistic doll for my toddler to play with since she absolutely loves playing with baby dolls. I ordered her this doll and she absolutely loves it! She has not put it down since it got here. It looks very real with baby creases and everything. -- April 2012

I cannot believe how realistic this baby is. Worth every single penny! Real fingers, soft plastic, and girl parts. Just amazing! -- December 2011

I bought this doll for a small child in my life, and I must admit I fell in love with it myself! It is small in scope, but a perfect size for young ones. As a child, what I remember most about dolls (and what I hated) was that blank stare with those crazy rolling eyes (perhaps you can tell I wasn't much of a fan of dolls as a child? Lol) This doll seems to have some life to her. I love the sweetness of her facial expression. Her eyes do not roll! They appear to look up or directly at you depending on how she is posed. I like her soft little body, which makes for easy snuggling. Her features are rendered in some detail -- from the pouty lips to curly "hair" to soft, delicate fingers. -- August 2011

Listed below are the five new collections arriving shortly at all Wal-Mart, Kmart, and specialty shops this season:

La Newborn Collection * $29.99 to $59.99
All dolls in this collection are all-vinyl bodies so children can get them wet in the tub or sink.

Deluxe Newborn Bath Set * $39.99
Here's everything a new Mommy needs at bath time including tub, towel and a binky! 14" vinyl baby comes dressed in a flowered onesie and has a cloth diaper on standby for after bath play. Bath time accessories included.

Deluxe Layette Set * $29.99
Look who's just arrived! This 14" sweetheart is still wearing her hospital bracelet. Layette set includes soft cap, booties, top, bottom, diaper and onesie.

14" Blue or Pink Outfitted Newborn * $59.99
Soft and sweet with a blankie to match their polka dotted shirt and trimmed bottom. Babies come with their hospital bracelet, cap and booties. Peak underneath to reveal real boy and girl parts! Made in Spain.

15" Real Boy or Real Girl Newborns * $59.99
Choose from nine different babies, each with a different beautifully sculpted face and expression. All babies come dressed in a soft onesie, booties and cap. Stripes, dots, bows and collars distinguish the boys from the girls (along with real boy or girl parts!). Two styles offer footed pajamas instead of booties. Made in Spain.

Mini La Newborn * $29.99
Ideal for a new big sister, these 9.5" mini versions of the beautifully sculpted baby dolls come in five different styles. Each baby fits in the palm of your hand and comes dressed in soft footed-pajamas. Ethnicities include African American, Asian and Caucasian with boys in blue and girls in pink. The all vinyl dolls can get wet, making them fun play pals in the tub or sink. Made in Spain.

Lil' Cutesies Collection * $12.99 to $29.99
Just beyond an enchanted garden sits Cutesies Day Care where these lil' guys await a day of play. Five new styles -- all 8.5" tall -- are being introduced this year including twins! All vinyl bodies make them ideal for water play.

Play Theme Dolls * $12.99 to $15.99
Snuggle, cuddle and role-play with these adorable babies whose bright eyes are ready for anything! Choose Caucasian or African American styles. Also new this year, the same set with hair!

Twins in Tub or Stroller * $29.99
Double trouble or double the fun? Little hands will have their hands and hearts full with these two cuties sitting in a pink stroller or blue bath tub.

8.5" Doll in Play Buggy * $24.99
Give a little push to this cutesie who sits in her pink buggy and is ready for a trip around the kitchen or off to the backyard.

Lots To Cuddle Babies * $29.99
Who can resist these big (20"!) and soft baby dolls with a variety of facial expressions? Ethnicities include African American, Asian, Hispanic and Caucasian. Each is dressed in removable booties, overalls, shirt and cap. Their soft bodies, with vinyl legs, make them ideal for snuggling. Customers appreciate their realistic--not painted--eyes and chubby features.

Lil' Hugs * $15.99
Designed to be baby's first baby doll, these 12" soft-bodied buddies can go in the crib, the stroller or the playpen. Each pastel colored outfit comes with a soft rattle. Ethnicities include African American, Asian, Hispanic and Caucasian. Lil' Hugs all-soft body and painted features make it safe, with no small parts, for newborns to older tots.

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JC Toys Group, Inc., a family-run business, is a worldwide designer and manufacturer of a wide range of collectible dolls, specialty play items and affordably priced play dolls and accessories. Their dolls were first introduced to the U.S. market in 1982 and have had a sizable impact on the doll market because of their innovative life-like features and adorable, gentle facial sculpts. JC Toys has one of the most complete doll collections in the world. The company manufactures in China and Spain and its U.S. headquarters is in Miami. For a look at their extensive line of dolls, doll clothing and accessories, visit their website at