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Where is Leo?


HABA's Children's Games Win A Pair of Spring 2011 Parents' Choice Recommended Awards

Skaneateles, NY (May 26, 2011) - Whether it's finding a lost lion named Leo or making an astounding assemblage of alligators, HABA knows exactly what kinds of games kids like to play. But they don't just stop with fun, they make sure each of their games also has just the right amount of smarts built in. Because of that delicate balance between play and education, HABA has just received two Spring 2011 Parents' Choice Recommended Awards.

The Parents' Choice Recommended Seal indicates that the judging committees found the product distinguished enough to give it a notch above the "Approval" rating. In other words, this commendation implies approval and, even beyond that, thorough recommendation for reasons of production, appeal and fulfillment of its clear intent.

The Parents' Choice Foundation judges revealed their reasons as follows:

HABA - Where is Leo?
Parents. Choice Recommended Award for Games
Ages: 5 - 99 yrs.
Price: $12.00

In this charming game, players have to hunt for and describe where Leo the Lion may be hiding. Cards show the .real location. in the lower left corner, and the .last place I saw Leo. is in the thought or speech bubble above each animal's head. Players race to follow the route and find Leo's real location. For example, the frog last saw Leo asleep in his bed. Players scan the circle of card tiles to find the bed in the lower left corner of the tile. Ah ha! The bed is in the Bear's room. But Leo is not there. The bear last saw Leo at the lighthouse. And so it goes. As in any search, the hunt ends in the last place you look.

Animal Upon Animal Balancing Bridge

HABA - Animal Upon Animal Balancing Bridge
Parents. Choice Recommended Award for Games
Ages: 5 & Up
Price: $36.00

The German game Tier auf Tier: Das Gro©¬e Abenteuer - Animal Upon Animal: The Big Adventure tells a story of a crocodile leading the way across a precarious bridge surrounded by water, desert, jungle, and a volcano. When the other animals see the crocodile.s initial success, they pile on after him, resulting in a far more precarious situation. Players of the game are responsible for piling the animals on the (not-so-unstable cardboard) bridge, trying to meet goals on the game.s cards while avoiding knocking the pile-up of wooden animals into the surrounding habitats. Players choose one animal per turn based on a roll of the die and add it to the tower; a tower topple results in the addition of a goal card to that player's hand, and the first to accomplish all his or her goals wins the game.

The wooden animals of the game are colorful and appealing (though painted on only one side; as the game is otherwise double-sided, this made them look slightly odd). They are well-balanced, but slightly slippery, so a steady hand can get them in place, but too many animals piled together leads to an inevitable but hilarious crash. All of our children enjoyed playing, and it was enough fun that no one was left feeling disappointed in the end. The game is even fun played alone.

The Parents' Choice Awards' Program's mission is to identify the best products for children of different ages, backgrounds, skills, and interests. Parents. Choice Awards are given to products that meet and exceed standards set by educators, scientists, performing artists, librarians, parents, and yes, kids themselves.

During its 31-year history, the Parents. Choice Awards program has established the benchmarks of achievement in children's media; trust for the consumers and credibility with the press.

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