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Pocketville Out Of The Pocket And On To Pocketville®: The Makers of In My Pocket™ Launch Pocketville An Innovative New Virtual World of Your Favorite Pets!

The company that touched the hearts of children and ignited their imagination with In My Pocket™, the popular soft-and-cuddly line of pocket-sized pets, is now unveiling a brand new virtual world! Pocketville® is a place where your favorite In My Pocket™ pets come alive online, bringing to kids a safe and interactive world filled with fun and games. With engaging and educational new features like collecting pets, safe places for chatting with other Pocketville® pet owners, fun environments to explore, and over 1,000 dress up combinations for your pet, kids will have a whole new medium to interact with pets they adore!

Creating an account with Pocketville® is easy and free---you immediately get to choose which one of the adorable puppies you would like to adopt as a pet: Will it be Freddie, the fluffy border collie or Peg, the pouty-faced pug? Once you have selected your favorite pet to adopt, you then get to create your own Avatar in the Avatar Salon, choosing your own hair color, accessories, and more! Now, you are ready to enter a world of engaging and creative content that is perfect for kids. In addition to just playing with their pets in Pocketville®, kids actually get to experience what it would

be like to truly be responsible for one. Unlike any other game or virtual world, Pocketville® allows children to have unique and genuine interactions with their pets, including incredibly realistic feeding experiences, emotional, intuitive reactions from their pets, and true-to-life interactions. Dress up your pet and stroll around town to the Fountain Plaza, the Palace, and the Pet Mall--or even venture into the Jungle--you can embark on adventures with your pets at these interesting new places to explore, earn Pawllers by playing exciting games, and even go shopping or take photos with your pets! Children can experience chatting using “canned chat,” a selection of safe and educational words to use for interacting with their fellow Pocketville® adventurers.

In addition to the important features of safety and creativity, Pocketville® also provides kids with a fun and valuable educational experience: improving their communication skills with others in an interactive environment, managing their accounts, and understanding the responsibility of taking care of a lovable pet.

Launching the beta version of Pocketville® in May 2009, MEG Toys will be opening up an entire new world of creativity and interactivity for their fans worldwide! Visit now to adopt and start your collection of favorite pets.

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