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WABA Fun's Bubber Builds Better

Loveland, CO (June 22, 2011) - For children, looking up in the sky and spotting faces, animals and buildings formed by clouds is as common as making sandcastles on the beach. But wouldn't it be amazingly cool if you could reach up, grab the clouds and sculpt anything they wanted? As far-fetched as that may seem, WABA Fun has a way that comes close to making that idea possible.

It's called Bubber®, and for kids, it's almost like sculpting with a cloud. This lightweight and pleasant-to-the-touch compound provides a welcome alternative to cold clay, messy doughs and cloud-watching. Made in the beautiful town of Halmstad, Sweden, award-winning Bubber is the lightest modeling compound on earth! This easy-to-use product feels great in your hands and, since it's so lightweight, children can mould just about anything.

Bubber feels light as air and fluffy as a cloud. Discover the joy of carving in a soft compound that leaves clean, sharp lines and amazing imprints. Working with the soft compound feels pleasantly warm in your hands. Even the littlest hands can shape a large amount of this compound. It's perfect for small and big kids and helps stimulate their fine motor skills.

Besides being a favorite activity for kids, Bubber is one of the more appreciated products from a parent's perspective. In addition to the incredible boost to creativity that it offers children, Bubber will never dry out. Even if it's not stored properly, it will still be as pliable the next day. Bubber is strong, yet extremely lightweight. It can make very tall and/or big structures that won't collapse like heavy dough or clays. And, perhaps best of all, Bubber cleans up easily. It actually sticks to itself so you can blot it up or easily vacuum it from floors and carpets.

Just like clouds, Bubber is non-toxic, non-allergenic, contains no gluten, leaves no stain or residue and never dries out. But unlike clouds, Bubber comes in a variety of colors and packs and you don't need to be 10,000 feet tall to play with it!

Bubber® Bucket Bubber Bucket
Age range: 3 years +

– Like clouds in a can, this 5 oz of Bubber bucket comes filled with your favorite color. The colorful bucket with handle works perfectly for storage and for taking Bubber along for hours of portable fun. Available colors are white, yellow, red, purple, blue or green.

*NEW* Bubber Box - More Bubber fun!
Age range: 3 years +

15 oz of Bubber in your favorite color in a convenient box. Available colors are white, yellow, red, purple, blue or green. Awards: ASTRA's Best Toys For Kids - Creative Play, Creative Child Magazine Toy of the Year, Dr. Toy 100 Best Children's Products

Castle Molds
Age range: 3 years+

Create a detailed castle—or any other structure or model—out of your favorite sand, dough or molding compound with these molds! Build towers, stairs and stone walls. The set includes 8 plastic pieces including two sculpting knives, a square extruder, a round extruder, stair maker, stone wall maker and more. The Castle Mold set comes in a polybag.

Inflatable Carry Case
Age range: 3 years+
$14.99 School Stamp Set

Take your arts & crafts projects on the road! This is a flexible work space that's designed to be easy and compact to carry and store. The 28” x 20” x 2” (when fully inflated) tray includes a Velcro cover that keeps your compounds and molds clean and safe while not in use. The handled Inflatable tray folds to a compact size for travel and storage.

School Stamp Set
Age range: 3 years+

Teachers are very familiar with the positive response when several senses are engaged in the learning process. With these stamps, students can practice spelling, math and languages. When used with any modeling compound, mistakes are easy to correct.

The set comes with upper and lower case stamps, special signs and number stamps. A total of 96 pieces altogether. The special stamps include signs for use with Swedish, Norwegian, Danish French, Spanish and German. The math stamps include numbers as well as arithmetic function signs.

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WABA Fun designs, manufactures and markets educational children's toys under the Superstructs™, Moon Sand®, and Bubber® brand names. Award-winning Superstructs, Moon Sand, and Bubber sets are available through education and specialty toy retailers, mass market, catalog and online retailers.

WABA Fun develops products that inspire imagination and encourage children to be creative with their own playtime. To learn more about these unique tools for creative learning, visit