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Sometimes It’s OK To Be “All Fun & Games”

Skaneateles, NY (June 23, 2010) – Have you ever opened up a game to realize that before you could play you had to decipher the 100-page rulebook with the circles and arrows and paragraphs on the back of each page describing the illustrations before you could even begin to have fun? Although there is certainly a market for people who like complicated, tactical, mission-oriented games, HABA makes games for the vast majority of us who play for laughter, fun competition and togetherness.

If you want to know what we mean, check out these HABA games and puzzles. The rules are simple: Open the box. Have a great time!

Arranging Game Corner to Corner • $33 Everyone’s favorite computer game has gone from the screen to real life in this fun arranging game! This Tetris-like set contains 62 pieces of vibrantly colored, child-safe wood, cut into “I” and “L” shapes. Fit the pieces together to form a cube, lay them flat and create a square, or get creative and make shapes or cityscapes out of the pieces. Unlimited building and arranging possibilities! Recommended for ages 3 – 99.

Little Magicians • $40 Turmoil in Wonderland! The big magician Merlin likes to test the apprentices. The tasks however are not so easy! Animals are hiding under the nine magic hats. Merlin determines which animal has to be magically found. Whoever remembers under which hat the animal being searched for is hiding, receives a star as a reward. But watch out! If the magic hat appears on the die the cogwheels are moved and all the magic hats mysteriously move. A Twisted memory game. Includes a magical mater variation. For 2 – 4 Players. Recommended for ages 4 – 99.

HABA Kim & Tim- The color and number Squirrels • $25 As players advance through the game, Kim and Tim help them practice color and number skills. When they land on a color on the main board, they’ll have to pick up the matching color piece and put it on the correct place on their personal game board. For 2 – 4 Players. Recommended for ages 3 – 99.

Moo & Baa • $20 Oh dear! Farmer Bert’s animals have all disappeared! Children help Bert search for the animals and bring them back to the farm: for the color game version they need some luck. For the tactile memory game, a good memory and tactile abilities. This brightly colored, tactile game includes two great different games. For 2 – 4 Players. Recommended for ages 3-99.

Mummy’s Treasure • $12 Somewhere in Egypt lies buried the precious treasure of the pharaohs! But only the most clever treasure hunter, with a bit of luck with the dice will become the biggest discoverer of all times. The more matching symbols he rolls on the dice, the more valuable the treasure he can take. The first player to cover his excavation site completely with treasures wins this exciting, adventurous dice game. For 2 – 4 Players. Recommended for ages 3 - 99.

Memo Orchard • $14 Watch out! The sneaky raven in this mini-game wants to steal the fruit. Try to save the fruit by turning over the fruit tiles that match the color on the die. The aim of the game is to collect the fruit before the raven snatches everything. A cooperative game with instructions for a competitive variation included. For 2-4 Players. Recommended for ages 3-99.

HABA Little Hand Puzzles • $14 Each set comes with six, themed puzzles, a matching puzzle piece for each of the six puzzles for cognitive associative development and then a wooden figure for imaginative story play. The chunky, high gloss, soft snap cardboard puzzle pieces make them easy enough for a 1½ year old to complete all by themselves! Three styles available: Farm, Animals, Construction. Recommended for ages 18 + months.

Giant Puzzles • $17 You can play and puzzle! First do the jigsaw and then play with it! Once the jigsaw is complete, the scenes can be animated with play cars, little dolls or animals and lots of stories invented. Puzzles are available in three different scenes. Recommended for ages 3 – 99.

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HABA products can be found nationwide at over 1,000 U.S. specialty retail stores and in specialty catalogs and websites. Many of its products have been recognized with German and American awards including Parents’ Choice, National Parenting Center, Creative Child, Dr. Toy and The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio. HABA received Best Toys of the Year recognition from the TODAY Show Toy Test and has been featured in national magazines such as American Baby, Baby Talk, Fit Pregnancy, Parenting, Parents and Working Mother.

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