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Locker Lookz


LockerLookz Receives Creative Child's 2011 Kids Product of the Year Award

Plano, TX (July 19, 2011) - School is a place our children go to learn their ABC's and 123's. It is also a place where kids explore their individuality and learn how to effectively socialize with their peers. These last two are what we call the OMG's (that's text-speak for "Oh, my gosh!") And because of its creative and innovative approach to teaching the OMG's, LockerLookz has just received a 2011 Creative Child Award for Kids Product of the Year. Okay, let's say it together now, "OMG, that's like totally kewl!"

To receive a Creative Child award, products are thoughtfully reviewed by the very folks who buy them - moms, educators and caregivers. Only one product per category can win a Kids Product of the Year award. For each category, additional winners are awarded either the Preferred Choice Award or the Seal of Excellence. All winners must exceed expectations for nurturing creativity and education in children.

Locker Decor Ensemble 2011 Kids Product of the Year Award in the Kids Decor category This collection consists of a ready-made locker design system with coordinated items that are easy to install. The ensemble comes complete with glamorous touches like pretty wallpaper, a shag rug and even a chandelier! It's not only school cool, but it gives aspiring interior decorators a way to see instantly how mixing and matching products will look!

Here's what the Décor Ensemble of accessories includes:

  • Chandelier ~ $24.99 SRP
  • Jeweled Flower Magnets ~ $6.99 SRP
  • Locker Lamp ~ $19.99 SRP
  • Magnetic Mirrors ~ $6.99 SRP
  • Organizational Bins ~ $9.99 SRP
  • Shag Locker Rug ~ $8.99 SRP
  • Wallpapers ~ $19.99 SRP
  • White Boards & Markers ~ $9.99 SRP

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LockerLookz was born when two moms, Christi and JoAnn, went looking for locker decorations and couldn’t find anything specifically for that purpose. Knowing how excited their own daughters were about customizing their school lockers, the two moms immediately realized they had to create a ready-made locker design system with coordinated items that were easy to install. To accomplish this, Christi and JoAnn felt they needed to create an entire locker “look” which ultimately led them to their company name...LockerLookz.

LockerLookz seeks to provide students an avenue of positive self-expression through a unique locker decorating experience. Offering a mix-and-match locker design collection, LockerLookz strives to make locker decorating fun and easy while making the buying experience exciting and convenient. Additionally, our goal is to provide a school-friendly product that is non-adhesive and won’t damage lockers. For more details, visit the company’s website at