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HABA Receives A Pair of 2010 Tillywig Awards

Skaneateles, NY (July 20, 2010) — If you’re aware of HABA Toys, then you’re probably also aware that it’s one of the most award-winning children’s toy companies out there. Of course for HABA, it’s more about winning the smiles of children than winning the accolades of judges. Although, this time it’s a little bit different. This time HABA is the first company in history to be awarded the Tillywig “Best Family Fun Award” and that’s got more than children smiling.

When asked if the Tillywig judges had created the award specifically for HABA, the president of Tillywig Toy & Media Awards, Dan Levy, said, “We didn’t invent the award just for this game, but it is the only product submitted thus far that fit the standard.” In case you’re wondering what that standard is, products earning a Best Family Fun Award are top-notch products designed for a broad range of ages and well-suited to family play. Here’s what the judges had to say about HABA’s Wiggling Cow Game; which won the award.

HABA’s Wiggling Cow Game HABA’s Wiggling Cow Game • $21.59 • Ages 4 & Up
“This is an outstanding game, incredible fun for the entire family. A simple concept - 30 seconds reading instructions, mega-hours of fun - executed in a fresh, clever way, makes this a highly entertaining play. Elsie the cow (an endearing 3 X 3 inch wooden creature with wobbly back legs) has a habit of standing right in the middle of a heap of grass bales (a pile of cardboard tiles) whenever the farmer wants to mow the meadow. Players take turns using a wooden fork to pull these bales out from under Elsie and off the game board without tipping her over. If you manage to do so, keep the tile and pass the fork for the next player's turn. If Elsie tips, put her back on the heap before passing the fork - you get nothing for that turn. The game ends when either all bales are off the board or none can be removed without Elsie falling. The player with the players. Highly recommended!!!!”

HABA also received a Top Fun Award. This honor goes to exceptional products that stand out in terms of outstanding design, construction, and play. Here’s what the judges at Tillywig Toy Awards had to say about Stacking Toy Zoolino:

HABA’s Stacking Toy Zoolino HABA’s Stacking Toy Zoolino • $44.99 • Ages 18 months +
“Young ones will love this wooden stacking pullaround toy. The brightly colored designs and varied shapes of its smooth, wooden pieces make it a happiness-inducing magnet for hands and eyes. This finely made developmental toy will grab your young child's attention and keep their brain stimulated and delighted. Stack and rearrange the pieces every which way before proudly parading it through the house on its four bright blue wheels.

Bear, Gator, and Rhino look oh so happy no matter where you put them in the stacks, and the playful, eye-catching design will brighten any child's room.”

In order to be selected as a Tillywig award winner, a product must be determined to have high entertainment and/or educational value. Tillywig's awards program provides retail buyers, news media, parents, and consumers with product information and reviews of superior children's products available in today's marketplace. After extensive testing, they bestowed three different awards – Top Fun, Brain Child and Sterling Fun -- to children’s products currently on specialty toy store shelves.

In addition to the evaluation of children’s products, the Tillywig program also awards a small number of retail stores each year for their ongoing contributions to promoting high quality, innovative new products from small and mid-sized toy manufacturers.

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About HABA
HABA products can be found nationwide at over 1,000 U.S. specialty retail stores and in specialty catalogs and websites. Many of its products have been recognized with German and American awards including Parents’ Choice, National Parenting Center, Creative Child, Dr. Toy and The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio. HABA received Best Toys of the Year recognition from the TODAY Show Toy Test and has been featured in national magazines such as American Baby, Baby Talk, Fit Pregnancy, Parenting, Parents and Working Mother.

For more details, visit HABA’s informational website at Both of these award-winning products can be purchased at