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Road Trip Game


Daddy-O Productions' "Road Trip" Game Wins A Summer 2011 Tillywig Sterling Fun Award

Everett, WA (August 2, 2011) - "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" "No!" "Yay!!!" That may not be what you'd hear from the kids on a real drive, but it is how they feel when playing Daddy-O Productions fun, new board game, Road Trip. "Did we win yet? Did we win yet? Did we win yet?" "Yes!" "Yay!!!" That's the response from Daddy-O Productions office staff when they found out they'd just received the 2011 Summer Tillywig Sterling Fun Award.

In order to be selected as a Tillywig award winner, a product must be determined to have high entertainment and/or educational value. Tillywig's awards program provides retail buyers, news media, parents, and consumers with product information and reviews of superior children's products available in today's marketplace. After extensive testing, they bestowed three different awards - Top Fun, Brain Child and Sterling Fun - to children's products currently on specialty toy store shelves.

Road Trip received a Sterling Fun Award. This honor goes to distinctive children's products notable for their exceptional quality and bold originality. Here's what the judges at Tillywig Toy Awards had to say about Daddy-O Productions new game:

Road Trip
Recommended Ages: 8 & Up
Price $24.99

"This is a fun, fast-moving board game that anybody can play. Moving in clockwise fashion, players take turns. On your turn, draw a card from the Challenge deck, read it aloud, then roll the Alphabet Die. Each challenge involves the turn-taker providing words that start or (in some cases) end with the letter on the die. There are four different types of challenges. The first three types involve providing a list of words that begin or end with the given letter. The fourth involves completing a sentence with words that start with the letter rolled, often to great comic effect. This is one of the most nicely packaged games we've seen. It comes in a nifty tin case designed as a vintage trailer, with station wagon playing pieces and a retro map of the U.S. for the board. Keeping things lively, there's a second deck of cards that throws curve balls (that can work for or against you) every time a player lands on a 'Rest Stop.' Well, what are you waiting for? It's time to hit the road!"

In addition to the evaluation of children's products, the Tillywig program also awards a small number of retail stores each year for their ongoing contributions to promoting high quality, innovative new products from small and mid-sized toy manufacturers.

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Daddy-O Productions is a groovy assemblage of veterans from the Toy, Game, and Gift industries who have come together to launch new, hip, and fun products that are geared toward meeting the specialty market's need for great new finds.

Rather than spending lots of lettuce on elaborate offices, questionable marketing, or snazzy advertising, the dudes at Daddy-O are leveraging their in-depth knowledge of design, production, and distribution to bring great new products to market in an efficient manner. These hep-cats work with a host of inventors and product developers across the country and snap their fingers repeatedly to signal a winner. Because they're not locked in to a single design team, Daddy-O products will never get stale. Games that rock, in packaging that pops. What a concept.

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