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Now Available in the States, Parents Enchanted by QuickSmart's Lightweight, Foldable Products Designed For Active Families

Melbourne, Australia (August 11, 2011) - Once baby has mastered crawling, standing and walking, parents will have fun shopping for a ride-on toy. But can a juvenile product be loveable, lightweight and brilliantly designed? Yes, if it's the QuickSmart™ Scramble or Scuttle Bug from Funtastic Ltd., Australia's largest toy distributor. Toy stores and specialty shops are now debuting QuickSmart's line of ride-on toys that are as adorable as they are foldable!

Active families will be delighted to learn there's a new ride in town! With endearing names like Scramble Bug and Scuttle Bug, kids will be the envy of their friends as they tour the neighborhood on these colorful three and four legged toys that give the illusion of a friendly Lady Bug or Bumble Bee. Parents will be the envy of other grownups for choosing a clever foldable toy that can be opened quickly and stored flat in the car, a closet or tucked against a wall.

QuickSmart's ride-on toys come already assembled so Mom can open the box and let Junior go. It's the ideal toy to make the transition from baby walker to independence. The sleek design that opens and folds in a snap caught the attention of Australia's experts allowing the Scramble Bug to be awarded a prestigious Australian Design Mark for design excellence. The four-wheeled Scramble Bug uses castor wheels for free flowing movement in all directions. The Scuttle Bug sports three wheels, like a traditional tricycle but without the pedals, allowing toddlers to push and steer.

Word of mouth sentiments from parents make the best testimonials! From Perth, one mom wrote:

This Scuttle Bug is so light and foldable we folded it and packed it in our suitcase on a one-month trip to Thailand so our daughter could use it while in the condo. Perfect for travel and indoor use. Love it! Love all Quicksmart products as we own three different items and are happy with all. Both “Bugs” are so lightweight your child can even carry them too! The clever design ensures little fingers can never get trapped or pinched.

Scramble Bug - Ages: 1-3 years - $49.99
The award-winning design of this ride-on toy is as sweet as it is safe. The QuickSmart Scramble Bug has four quiet castor wheels that move 360 °. This little bug folds flat to store until it's time move. Not only does riding this clever toy encourage independence but teaches toddlers to push and steer. Parents can allow riding around the kitchen table (indoors) or in the backyard (outdoors). Choose from Orange/Charcoal combo or Green/Yellow

Scuttle Bug - Ages: 1-3 years - $39.99
Expect to hear lot of giggles when Junior hops on this three-wheeler. The compact folding system makes it the perfect companion to your little adventurer. Amazingly compact and lightweight, this “bug” is welcomed indoors with its non-scratch wheels gliding on tiles or floorboards. Or zip outdoors, down the driveway or at the playground. Scuttle Bug teaches youngsters to push and steer. Choose from Red/Black Ladybug or Yellow/Black Bumble Bee.

In addition to ride-on toys, QuickSmart offers parents beautifully designed strollers, high chairs and travel bassinets that are lightweight and foldable -- an innovative concept. For more information about the high quality, value and convenience of the QuickSmart product line, visit their website at

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About QuickSmart
Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, QuickSmart™ products are designed to make life easier for parents. With this fundamental principle in mind, they have developed a range of innovative, contemporary and functional juvenile products. Their unwavering commitment to quality quickly dominated the Australian market, and now they are entering the U.S. market as well as Europe and Asia. The QuickSmart name will truly become a global brand for parents looking for travel solutions and day-to-day portability in style and ease.