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SEE-ing Green: Toy Company Launches Earth-Friendly, Kid-Powered Toy Line

From hybrid cars to environment-focused movie stars, “going green” has never been more popular – except in the toy industry, where battery-powered and electronic toys dominate.

Enter SEE Toys, an innovative new product line from forward-thinking Zen Design Group. The first environmentally friendly, kid-powered toy line, electronic SEE Toys feature a unique power crank that kids use to convert their own energy into electricity – very cool!

This means that SEE Toys never require disposable batteries – which account for 72,000 tons of landfill waste in the United States each year – and unlike electronic toys that use regular rechargeable batteries or solar power, kids control when and for how long they play – whether inside or out, rain or shine.

From buzzing fireflies with fiber optic wings to sleek and stylish racecars, SEE Toys encourage kids to “think green” while engaging them both mentally and physically – the interactive dynamo crank lets kids generate their own power, anytime, anywhere, while super bright LED lights, realistic sounds, and colorful designs encourage imaginative play.

SEE Toys will be available for purchase starting September 1 at Toys are designed for ages 5 and up; Prices range from $19.99 to $29.99.

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Toy News

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About Zen Design Group
Established in 1989, Zen Design Group is in the business of inventing, designing, manufacturing, importing, marketing and distributing a variety of consumer products. Past successes have included Quasar LED light pens, Sqush micropedic pillows, Zoolight novelty LED lights, and the Invisible Writer.

With headquarters located in metro Detroit, Zen Design Group is constantly developing product ideas and concepts to further expand its brands. The company believes in using technology, innovation, and out of the box thinking to develop products for all genders and ages that are fun, novel, and earth friendly.