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CitiBlocs Green Construction Set Receives Dr. Toy’s 2010 Best Green Product Award

Tampa, FL (September 7, 2010) – As all parents know, children have a radar that tells them when something is wrong. They may not know why, but kids also have a sense of when something is right. And according to Dr. Toy, children who play with CitiBlocs inherently know they’re playing with a toy that is made of untreated, pure wood. Perhaps the sense comes from the time kids spend climbing and chasing around trees, but whatever the reason, their attraction to CitiBlocs prove Dr. Toy’s theory is rooted in reality. Because of the company’s deliberate attention to a reduced footprint and creating quality, sustainable toys, the CitiBlocs Cool Colors Set has been awarded the Dr. Toy Best Green Products for 2010.

Dr. Toy recognizes 40 Best GREEN Products and the astute companies making these products. They are each making a difference in their own way and making important contributions. Each step helps. Each step moves us towards a healthier home and community.

Dr. Toy has identified products that help children learn more about their world. She found products made from organic materials, or produced in ways that are healthier. Consumers are encouraged to consider these products for home or school or as gifts. Dr Toy is glad to recognize CitiBlocs for helping to create a healthier place for everyone to live. Here is Dr. Toy’s review:

CitiBlocs Skyline Color Sets: 100 Piece Cool Colors Set
“CitiBlocs is a new wooden toy company whose philosophy and objective is to provide responsible and natural wooden toys to all kids all of the time. CitiBlocs are made from precision-cut pine, sourced from sustainably managed forests. Each 1" x 4 1/2" x 1/4" wooden CitiBlocs plank is made from highquality wood, cut to specific proportions. The wood is carefully cut to provide safe, quality toys that are durable and well designed… toys with play value that will last in the toy chest for years for the whole family to enjoy.

“CitiBlocs are toys to keep for a long, long time so that family and friends can always count on a well made product for hours of play with natural untreated materials. The feel and smell and proportions of CitiBlocs are all natural and all evoke natural origins and values. “When a child opens a box of CitiBlocs – the awareness of a natural green wooden product is immediate and unavoidable; as if, when you pick up a block, you pick up a piece of naturally grown and responsibly grown pine! For its colored planks, CitiBlocs uses certified water-based stains, which the pine naturally absorbs. The water-based stains give the planks vibrant color, and each stain color is tested and verified to be lead-free. CitiBlocs even keeps packaging purposefully minimal to reduce use of natural resources. CitiBlocs products are CPSIA and ASTM Certified and packaged responsibly in China.”

CitiBlocs has made its simple, precision-cut wooden plank sets available in a wider variety of colors. The new skyline packaged sets are available in two different color variations: Hot and Cool. The Hot Colors Set includes red, yellow, orange, pink, and natural colored planks. The Cool Colors Set includes blue, green, turquoise, and dark green planks. Available in 50, 100 and 200 piece sets (retail $12.96, $22.99, and $43.99).

Dr. Toy’s Best Green Products for 2010 recognized 100 Piece Cool Colors Set as a product that fit into the following categories: Construction Toy, Creative Play, Educational Skills and Green Product. Additionally, it was recognized for helping children to develop Creativity, Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills, Tactile Skills. It is recommended for children aged 3-12.

All of the winners, including CitiBlocs’ 100 Piece Cool Colors Set, are featured on Dr. Toy’s website at

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About CitiBlocs
CitiBlocs are lightweight pine building blocks ideal for home, playgroups, teachers, principals, professors and parents. CitiBlocs are made of lightweight pine from sustainably managed forests, and each block is precision cut in China. The new company has sourced its high quality blocks carefully, so the sets are extremely affordable.
CitiBlocs are available in natural wood and in colors. Sets vary in size, from 50 pieces to 1,000 pieces. Visit for more information.