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Join the multi-sensory joyride with iCoaster!

MEGA Brands’ iCoaster isn’t just another toy; it is an impressive, state-of-the-art, multi-sensory joyride. The iCoaster is a revolutionary experience in creative construction and musical alchemy, combining sight, sound and speed with extreme magnetic force, high-tech design and some ultra-cool physics.

Build 10 suggested extreme coaster configurations or apply your own creativity for infinite more designs. Assembling the towers, tracks, sensors, stunts and Magnetic Elevator is easy, fast and exciting. Place the sensors along tracks, turn on the “Sound FX Music Studio” and create your own mix of tunes and effects. You can also plug in your MP3 into the “Sound FX Music Studio” for your own music selections.

Cool Features:

  • Trippy Magnetic Elevator
  • “Sound FX Music Studio” with speaker and over 200 musical combinations (compatible with iPods and MP3 players)
  • Two light-up sensors
  • Six hyper stunts
  • 17 smooth tracks
  • 10 slick, adjustable towers
  • 5 magnetic metallic balls (compatible with all Magnetix)
For further information, please visit MEGA Brands at

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Toy News

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