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Karito Kids World Collection Wins Five 2007 NAPPA Gold Awards

Los Angeles, CA (September 27, 2007) – Olympic athletes compete for gold medals, chocolate lovers seek golden tickets and toymakers hope to receive the National Parenting Publications Gold Award. And this year, Karito Kids World Collection® has stepped onto that coveted top platform five times – one time for each one of their brand new Karito Kids World Collection dolls.

Here is why Karito Kids was named a Gold Award winner in the 2007 National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Children’s Products competition:

KidsGive – Karito Kids World Collection
Category/Age Group: Toys Category - Price: $99.99

"It's rare that each product in a series wins a NAPPA Gold Award, but Karito Kids culturally diverse dolls truly stood out this year,” says NAPPA Manager Barbara Smith Decker. “Designed to foster cultural appreciation, each of the five beautifully crafted dolls is individually molded to highlight ethnic features. A companion book introduces the ethnic richness of each doll's country and promotes global awareness. Additionally, kids can select one of four causes (health, home, food, livelihood) from Plan, a children’s charity, to which a portion of their doll purchase can be donated, as well as earning additional currency to donate by playing interactive games on the Karito Kids' website."

Karito Kids World Collection received five 2007 Children’s Products Gold Awards in the Toys Category category. Now in its 17th year, NAPPA is a well-known name in industries focused on children’s learning and entertainment. Parents, relatives and other

adults working with children – those who want high-quality toys and products that provide “smart fun” and good design, and grow with children’s developmental needs – rely on NAPPA for their holiday and year-round gift-giving.

“NAPPA-winning products meet the most stringent criteria and are judged by nationally recognized industry experts, educators, reviewers and advocates in their fields,” says Decker. “NAPPA has set the industry standard of excellence for nearly two decades and the award is a much-sought honor by manufacturers, artists, authors and product designers. When parents see the NAPPA Gold or Honors seal on winning products, they’re assured of a high quality, fun and educational experience for their children.”

In addition to winning five 2007 NAPPA Gold Awards, the newly introduced Karito Kids World Collection has been singled out with a golden spotlight by the following prestigious individuals and organizations:

  • 2007 Oprah’s “O” List
  • 2007 iParenting Media Award
  • 2007 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

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KidsGive is the manufacturer of the new line of dolls and books that is redefining corporate social responsibility. How? By developing an interesting and unique concept that directly brings the child into the actual process of giving to, and understanding the development of children’s humanitarian projects around the world. By donating a percentage of the retail price of all Karito Kids™ products to support children’s charity Plan USA, KidsGive’s goal is to teach a generation of children what charitable giving really means. See for more information