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Kids are Clamoring & Moms are Searching for the Most Desired Super Heroes & Digitally Connected Toys From Power Rangers, Ben 10 TM, Tamagotchi® Connection® & Girlz Connect

(CYPRESS, CA – OCTOBER 1, 2007) – A leading innovator in action figures and youth electronics, Bandai America Incorporated unveils its hot holiday toys sure to be on every kid’s “Dear Santa” wish list. Among this year’s top contenders for the most sought after products are the Power Rangers Mega Mission Helmet, which is unlike any toy out there today and connects to the Internet so that parents and kids can download dynamic roleplaying missions; the Ben 10 Deluxe Omnitrix that doubles as a role-play device as well as an LCD game; the most technologically advanced Tamagotchi Connection V4.5 “virtual pet” which now allows fans to journey through life…Tamagotchi style; and finally, the new Girlz Connect LocketPal and Destiny, which both feature a touch screen and stylus, and are the perfect youth electronics for the tech-savvy and social girl. “This year’s lineup of hot holiday toys from Bandai America set new benchmarks for us as a leader in the action figure and youth electronics categories,” said Michael Riley, vice president of marketing. “Our new toys immediately engage kids of all ages by tapping into their imagination and allow them to connect with their friends both offline and online—ensuring that they have the staying power to be a favorite all year long.”

“Must-Have for Boys” – Power Rangers Mega Mission Helmet
As the ultimate Power Rangers toy of all time, the all-new Mega Mission Helmet takes the role-playing action to even greater dimensions! Kids can now become their favorite hero in real life with this wearable Red Ranger helmet that connects to the Internet, via the included USB cable, to access more than 20 different secret missions. Each two-minute role-play adventure can be easily downloaded into the helmet, with your parents’ help, and can always be updated once you complete the last one. With each training mission, kids are encouraged to become active by playing out the adventures from the current Power Rangers Operation Overdrive TV series – the 15th consecutive year from the popular franchise. The helmet comes pre-loaded with one mission and features a see-through visor, lights and sounds for dynamic fun anytime. (SRP: $49.99; Ages: 4+; Available at all major retailers nationwide)

“Limited Edition Toy for Boys” – Power Rangers 5” Figure Sets
Join Bandai America’s celebration of the Power Rangers toy line’s milestone 15th anniversary with these exclusive and never-before-seen History Sets! If you’ve ever missed collecting a figure from the past, this is the perfect collection for you. Each limited edition set features five 5” Red Ranger action figures from the season that started it all, Mighty Morphin’ (1993), all the way to the current Operation Overdrive. This must-have toy for anyyoung Power Rangers fan or adult action figure enthusiast comes in three uniquely packaged sets. (SRP: $19.99; Ages: 4+; Available at all major retailers nationwide)

“Stocking Stuffer for Boys” – Power Rangers 6.5” Limited Edition Action Figures
Another first in Power Rangers history, Bandai America now offers collectible action figures based on every Red Ranger – the most popular character – from each action-packed series! Available for a limited time only, these 6.5” figures feature a highly stylized look you can’t find elsewhere and come with a display stand for posing, as well as an accessory. There are a total of 13 to collect, so look for the special anniversary logo on each package! (SRP: $9.99; Ages: 4+; Available at all major retailers nationwide)

“Gift Under $20 for Boys” – Ben 10 Deluxe Omnitrix
Ever wonder what it’s like to transform into an awesome alien with super powers? Now kids can with the new Deluxe Omnitrix role-play toy based on the hit Cartoon Network series Ben 10. Bigger and more dynamic than ever, this toy is packed with power in the form of a fun LCD game screen that tests kids’ ability to transform into the correct alien when attacked by the evil Vilgax. But with only seconds to react, it’s a race against time to save the day! Designed to scale, the Omnitrix can be worn on the wrist as a cuff, just like the one that hero Ben Tennyson has, and features flashing lights and sound effects. (SRP: $19.99; Ages: 4+; Available at all major retailers nationwide)

“Stocking Stuffer for Girls & Boys” – Tamagotchi Connection V4.5
As the world’s first and most popular virtual pet toy, the new Tamagotchi Connection V4.5 lets kids live the Tamagotchi life…24/7! Fans now guide their favorite Tamagotchi characters through the adventure of life by playing games, going to preschool and elementary school, and then choosing a fun career – such as a rock star,fashion designer, doctor and more. V4.5 also lets kids travel to the interactive world of,where they can visit with all the characters just as if they were in your own hometown. Check out the mall for some shopping, eat in the food court, visit the school and even play exclusive games based on your job—all in one dynamic place! For endless hours of fun, this colorful and portable tech toy allows kids to experience what it’s like to raise a real pet, as well as encourages them to interact with their friends via the cool infrared technology. This advanced feature lets two Tamagotchi owners “connect” together to have their characters trade gifts and play games. (SRP: $14.99; Ages: 8+; Available at all major retailers nationwide)

“Gift Under $30 for Girls & Boys” – Tamagotchi PC Pack
Take the dynamic and interactive experience of raising your very own Tamagotchi virtual pet to your home computer with the all-new Tamagotchi PC Pack! This exclusive set comes with a colorful tree-shaped microphone and unique voice-activated software program that allows you to command your Tamagotchi desktop buddy to fetch your email, dance onscreen and more. In addition to a mouse pad and an exclusive design of the Tamagotchi Connection V4.5, use the CD-ROM disk filled with wallpapers, games, printable graphics and more for customizing your computer. The microphone also doubles as a cradle for storing your Tamagotchi toy when you’re not playing with it. (SRP: $29.99; Ages: 8+; Available at all major retailers nationwide)

“Must-Have Tech Toy for Tween Girls” – Girlz Connect Destiny
Leveraging its success in the red hot youth electronics category with the top-selling Tamagotchi, Bandai America proudly introduces Destiny from Girlz Connect: the ultimate portable accessory for the social and tech-savvy tween. Girls can connect now with the 20 different “get to know you, get to know me” personality quizzes that they share with their friends, offline and online. One of its coolest features, Destiny features a USB port that connects to the community. Here, you can create a profile, make and share your own quizzes with others, search for new quizzes by subject, and then download them. This ultimately keeps Destiny fun, fresh and always interactive! Utilizing the unique touch screen and stylus, there are other activities as well, including a horoscope, birthstone and matchmaker function. Choose from a variety of awesome colors, including green, orange, yellow, pink and purple. (SRP: $19.99; Ages 8+; Available at all major retailers nationwide)

“Stocking Stuffer for Girls” – Girlz Connect LocketPal
Shaped like a colorful cosmetics case, LocketPal is like the perfect first PDA device for today’s younger, yet tech savvy, girl on the go. Open it up to access the touch screen and unlock four categories of interactive activities, including games, a horoscope finder, a friendship matchmaker and cool mood meter – a “mood ring” for today’s younger generation! In addition, girls can use the address and phone book, calendar and alarm to stay connected with their friends for fun group outings. LocketPal’s portable yet colorful design means that it can be clipped to practically anything – like purses, backpacks and even belt loops – so you’re always near the fun anywhere you go. Choose from several vibrant colors, including pink, purple, blue, green, coral and yellow. (SRP: $12.99; Ages: 5-8; Available at all major retailers nationwide)

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