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Moon Sand Adventure Island

Build your own adventure island. Moon Sand is a unique material that can be shaped, squished and molded into any shape you want. This sand is totally unique, it has a texture that is similar to sand, yet has the ability to mold like dough. This magical sand will never dry out, so it can be reused again and again. Parents have no need to worry, clean up is a breeze with Moon Sand since it never hardens, you simply vacuum it up. Moon Sand is truly out of this world! The Moon Sand Adventure Island kit unfolds to reveal a deserted island, 3 colors of sand and molds to make huts, animals and boats. Close up your island and take your adventure with you in the hard plastic carrying case.

Package Contents

  • Boat
  • Hut Roof Mold
  • Hut Base Mold
  • Boy Half Mold
  • Girl Half Mold
  • Palm Tree Half Mold
  • Monkey Half Mold
  • Elephant Half Mold
  • Giraffe Half Mold
  • Alligator Half Mold
  • Hard Plastic Carry Case
  • 2.5Lbs of Sand:
    • 10oz yellow
    • 10oz green
    • 20oz blue
Battery Requirements: NA
Age Grade: 3+
MSRP: $24.99 US

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Toy News

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