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Top Honors Received Include Toy Wishes Holiday Hot Dozen, Parents’ Choice Award, Parents Magazine Best Toy, Children’s Technology Review And More

Malibu, CA – JAKKS™ introduces the EyeClops™ Bionic Eye, a simple-to-use handheld device that allows kids and adults to view everyday things at 200 times their regular size. Best of all, view everything with the EyeClops Bionic Eye right on the TV screen by plugging directly into the A/V jacks of any standard TV for instant magnification!

Through the use of JAKKS’ Plug It In & Play™ technology, the battery-powered handheld device turns an ordinary object into an extraordinary discovery! With EyeClops Bionic Eye, kids investigate items of all shapes and sizes without being limited to a constricted space, so everyone can ‘oooh’ and ‘aaah’ over each astonishing discovery at the same time. EyeClops Bionic Eye opens up a whole new level of excitement and entertainment for the whole family - to investigate Dad's stubble or secret micro writing on a dollar bill - together in front of the TV.

“With the EyeClops Bionic Eye we encourage kids' natural curiosity about the world around them as they analyze strands of hair, carpet fuzz, or anything else around the house using technology to appeal to kids today,” said Stephen Berman, President and COO, JAKKS Pacific, Inc. “The EyeClops Bionic Eye is all about discovery and exploration.”

With the EyeClops Bionic Eye, table salt looks like blocks of ice, fine hair looks like twisted rope and even your own skin looks alien! Kids can become entomologists and study the world of bugs by turning the tiniest bugs into gigantic scary creatures’ right before their eyes! Use EyeClops Bionic Eye to magnify checks and currency and uncover secret images and text. Did you know that when you magnify the signature line on a U.S. check, it’s not really a line but actually says, “authorized signature” over and over? The possibilities are endless! The EyeClops Bionic Eye brings what the naked eye can’t see to TV screens everywhere.

EyeClops Bionic Eye received multiple awards including a coveted spot in the Toy Wishes 2007 Holiday “Hot Dozen,” Parents Magazine Best Toy Award, Parents’ Choice Best Toy Award, Canadian Toy Testing Council Three Star Rating, Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award, Redbook Magazine’s Toy Insider Hot 20 Toys, eToys Hot Holidday Toy List and inclusion on the Toys “R” Us The Fabulous 15. EyeClops are available at retailers nationwide this holiday season for a suggested retail price of $49.99.

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Toy News

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