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Innovative New Foam Construction Blocks, Puzzles and Play Sets Are Soft, Safe, Durable, Fun and the Perfect Gifts for the 2007 Holiday Season!

Malibu, CA – The award-winning XPV Xtreme Performance Vehicle® from JAKKS Pacific’s Road Champs® division topped gift lists during the 2006 Holiday season. Now JAKKS™ has expanded the revolutionary item into an entire brand! The innovative arsenal of XPV Xtreme Performance Vehicles includes the XPV R.A.D.™ flying robot, the XPV Super Terranator™ vehicle, XPV 2.0 Shadow Hawk™ plane, and more! JAKKS is incorporating the latest in design and technology for higher flying, longer range and faster XPV™ products for the 2007 Holiday season and beyond.

Headlining the new XPV arsenal is the XPV R.A.D.™ (Robotic Air Defense), which was included on the Toys “R” Us Fabulous 15 Holiday Toys List. XPV R.A.D. is a radio controlled robot that drives on land and flies in the air and is poised to set a new milestone in the RC category with its futuristic styling, innovative features and flight capabilities. Above and beyond its ground performance and amazing aerial maneuvers, the XPV R.A.D. also speaks and fires pretend missiles through the controller! The XPV R.A.D. also comes with its own XPV Battery Fuel System™ which is a lightweight, powerful 7.4 volt LiPo Battery that takes the XPV line to new heights! The innovative XPV Battery Fuel System™ functions like the ultimate surge protector and provides pure energy directly to the XPV R.A.D.’s built in battery. Users can then take this filtered energy to the next level by actually charging other consumer electronics through a USB connection on the back of the charger! SRP $139.99.

In Addition to the XPV R.A.D., JAKKS will simultaneously introduce the XPV Mini R.A.D. and XPV Micro R.A.D. Flying Fighter™ toys. The Mini R.A.D.™ is a more simplified RC version of the R.A.D. aimed at younger consumers that can also fly indoors. SRP $49.99. The Micro R.A.D. Flying Fighters are a micro-sized robots that fly while tethered to a moving arm. SRP $14.99.

The XPV Super Terranator™ is a super hi-performance all-terrain vehicle that tears up any environment with 2 engines, 4 monster tires and 12 volts of power! Its unique hybrid design allows it to shred through surroundings as varied as dirt, mud, snow and even water! The XPV Super Terranator comes with its own super heavy duty 12V NiMH battery which allows the 5-in-1 vehicle to terrorize any terrain! SRP $99.99.

The original XPV spirit returns with a vengeance as the XPV 2.0 Shadow Hawk™ – the next generation, updated and restyled evolution of the original XPV Xtreme Performance Vehicle®with all of the amazing performance capabilities of the original. The XPV 2.0 Shadow Hawk comes with the same amazing XPV Battery Fuel System that is included with the XPV R.A.D. and lasts 80% longer than last year’s version. SRP $79.99.

Also available is the Mini XPV™ – a smaller version of the XPV vehicle developed for younger pilots. SRP $29.99.

In addition to all of the featured RC items above, JAKKS will also offer several other new XPV products at lower price points. Rounding out the line is the XPV Powerband™ plane – an extreme rubber-band powered, long range glider that can fly over 200 yards! No wind or batteries needed! JAKKS is also rolling out the XPV Turbo Chargers™ plane – a quick-charge, motorized airplane that can fly up to 100 yards.

The new XPV items are expected to hit shelves in time for the 2007 Holiday season.

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Toy News

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