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Zoobies™ Awarded 3 Stars From CTTC

Zoobies™ are plush animals that transform into pillows and blankets has just awarded Zoobies™ the highest rating of three stars from the Canadian Toy Testing Council. CTTC, non-profit organization evaluating toys for over 50 years, grants this rating based on excellence in all areas of function, design, durability, and play value. Zoobies™ are now qualified for additional awards like the Children's Choice Award.

According to the CTTC website (, the Children’s Choice Award is an honor "given to new toys on the market that have proven to be fun, innovative and the absolute best in their area of play.

It is a very celebrated honor for a toy manufacturer to receive a Children’s Choice Award, as only a few are given out each year." This achievement is one more milestone for the young company that has only been around since last February's New York International Toy Fair. They have also been awarded Creative Child Magazine's Toy of the Year, an Oppenheim Gold Award, and were a finalist in the JPMA Innovation Awards.

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Toy News

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More on Zoobies™ The patented Zoobies™ concept is the only plush animal concept out there that turns into both a pillow and blanket. They have had great success in adding more than 500 specialty shops in the U.S. in addition to distributing in 7 additional countries. Zoobies™ office is located at 46 N. University Ave. Provo, Utah 84601.

The Safari Line is the first of several that will be released down the road. - www.Zoobiepets.comm