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Malibu, CA – Parents can reminisce with their kids as they make the creepiest bugs, worms and spiders with JAKKS Pacific’s new Creepy Crawlers® Bug Maker Oven. Just in time to top kids’ wish lists this holiday season, the newly designed Creepy Crawlers® Bug Maker Oven provides hours of fun making and baking gross bugs in fun colors and glow-in-the-dark.

Kids can enter the laboratory, pick the pattern of every inch of every inchworm and color each scissoring claw of every scorpion, and craft a new crew of Creepy Crawlers in the newly designed bug-maker oven, styled with storage space on both sides of the oven to hold molds and spatula complete with new scary bug designs!

Kids can stamp out a stampede of slimy slugs to battle out a brood of bounty-hunting bugs by pouring the special Plasti-Goop® compound into the molds and cranking on the oven – its creepy cooking time! Pull them out of the creepy cooking chamber, cool ‘em and out pops something scary!

The basic Creepy Crawlers set includes one Bug Maker Oven with mold holders on the side, one double-use spatula with a pick, two character molds, four bottles of Plasti-Goop mix, one bottle of Goop™ FX for colored decorations, four detailing tips two storage trays and one cooling tray.

Complete instructions are also included for creating some of the yuckiest creepy crawlers ever! Creepy Crawlers products are available at retailers nationwide this holiday season with a suggested retail price of $19.99, and $7.99 for each mold set.

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