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Family Fun Magazine Dubs Karito Kids® Dolls As the 2007 “Number One” Toy Of The Year

Los Angeles, CA (October 8, 2007) – Whether you say it in English (number one!), Chinese (shu ma yi!), Swahili (hesabu moja!), Spanish (numero uno!) or Italian (novero una!) it all translates the same way: The best of the best. Of course, these five languages are how the dolls who make up the Karito Kids World Collection® would say it. That’s because this brand new and totally unique line of dolls and books is completely international.

It is a testament to the high-quality of Karito Kids World Collection that they made the T.O.Y. list in their flagship year. But it’s even more impressive that after extensive testing of more than 200 toys – by invitation only – Karito Kids was crowned with the #1 spot. According to parent company KidsGive co-founder, Laura Rangel, “We are so absolutely thrilled around here you have no idea. This company and product began as a dream from my business partner, Lisa and I, so to see it become a reality is phenomenal. Now add this amazing award and we are overjoyed.”

Here’s why Family Fun® awarded Karito Kids with the Toy of the Year Award:

    Karito Kids Dolls
    Award Category: Number 1 Toy of the Year
    Recommended Ages: 6 and up
    Price: $99.99

“Our testers were instantly drawn to the beautiful true-to-life faces of the Karito Kids World Collection — stylish yet sweet girls from China, Italy, Kenya, the United States, and Mexico. But once they read about each 21-inch-tall doll, her country, and her particular passion (soccer, fashion, panda bears) in the included adventure books, they were truly smitten. A bonus: 'tweens can go online to direct 3 percent of their doll's retail price to a children's charity.”

About Family Fun Magazine’s Toy of the Year Award Program
For 15 years, Family Fun has turned to legions of kids to pick the winners of its Toy of the Year (T.O.Y.) Awards, and its pint-size pundits have had a great run predicting the holiday gifts other kids will love. But there was always one question they just couldn't answer: What would a parent think of these toys? So this year Family Fun broadened its toy-testing procedures. It put dozens of kids and their parents to work -- building Lego models, hosting doll tea parties, piloting radio-controlled helicopters, and more.

Also this year, rather than accepting submissions from anyone who wanted to pay a fee and enter, the magazine’s editors thoroughly scoped out strong products at the 2007 American International Toy Fair and invited 200 to participate in testing. The toys that emerged as winners were the ones that got raves from everyone in the family. And that's got Family Fun confident these toys will bring holiday joy to everyone in yours.

Of course, regular kids and their parents aren’t the only ones who think that Karito Kids are “#1.” In August the global dolls were selected by Oprah Winfrey as one of her choices in the coveted “O List.” Additionally, celebrity moms like Brooke Shields have not only purchased them for her own children, but have gone on the record to praise them publicly. “This is such an amazing concept that is backed by a quality product,” said actress and mother Brooke Shields. “It reaches the hearts of parents, delivering a message and a much-needed global connection for our kids. As a parent, I am all for that."

Family Fun isn’t the only entity to see the wonderfully socially redeeming quality of Karito Kids. Here’s a partial list of the accolades they have received:

  • 2007 iParenting Media Award
  • 2007 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval
  • Five 2007 NAPPA (National Parenting Publications Awards) Gold Seals

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Toy News

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About KidsGive, LLC
KidsGive is the manufacturer of the new line of dolls and books that is redefining corporate social responsibility. How? By developing an interesting and unique concept that directly brings the child into the actual process of giving to, and understanding the development of children’s humanitarian projects around the world. By donating a percentage of the retail price of all Karito Kids™ products to support children’s charity Plan USA, KidsGive’s goal is to teach a generation of children what charitable giving really means. The line launched in summer 2007 with five doll and book sets:

  • Zoe and book “The Manhattan Menace”
  • Wan Ling and book “Shanghai Secret”
  • Lulu and book, “Nairobi Nightmare”
  • Pita and book, “Mexico Mystery”
  • Gia and book, “Florence Fiasco”
Karito [`ka-ree`-toe] noun. Etymology: from the constructed international language, Esperanto, a universal second language created to foster peace and international understanding. 1: charity, 2: love of one’s neighbor
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