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Illumination Station Brings Kids’ Creativity to Light

Illumination Station The Crayola Illumination Station offers budding artists the chance to create original artwork with masterful precision. Kids can mix and match 120 projectable images and 10 background scenes to create unlimited masterpieces. For those who may have a hard time getting their creative juices flowing, the images provided can spark their imagination and allow them to draw scenes like taking their pet to the vet, spending a day at the beach, or drawing their favorite dinosaurs. When they’re done fine-tuning their tracing and drawing skills for the day, kids can place the image discs and markers into the compartment that conveniently folds into the Illumination Station for compact storage or take-along fun.

The Crayola Illumination Station is simple and fun to use, and convenient and compact to carry or store. It includes 6 drawing discs containing a total of 120 images. To project an image, simply place a disc into the projector light, place paper in the clip to keep it in place and begin tracing. To change the position of the image on the paper, just twist and rotate the projector arm or turn the dial to change the size and focus of the image.

The projector light can also be removed from the arm and used to project images that include shapes, animals, and holiday scenes on a wall for an extra-large picture. When the Picasso-in-training wants to trace scenes, he simply clicks the projector light into the lightbox to create a back light. Creative drawing choices are virtually limitless, as kids can trace one of the 10 background scenes or clip in one of their favorite coloring, maze, or dot-to-dot pages.

The Crayola Illumination Station features 1 light-up tracing desk and projector, a built-in paper clip, 3 Pip-Squeaks Skinnies markers, 1 Crayola Superfine Tip marker, 20 image discs with 120 images to project and sketch, 10 background scenes, and requires 4 AA batteries.

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