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Popular Power Rangers™, Ben 10™, Tamagotchi® Connection®, Dragon Ball Z®, BLUE DRAGON™ & Mugen Pop Pop Toys Sure to Top Every Kid’s Wish List

Unwrap your kids’ happiness this holiday season by giving them what they really want: super powers to fight against evil, a variety of powerful aliens and a virtual pet without the mess. Bandai America Incorporated knows how to fulfill your kids’ holiday wish list and make their eyes light up over the most sought after action figures, vehicles, role-play and tech toys this December. Here’s the busy parent’s shopping list to make this a holiday to remember for the kids:

  • POWER RANGERS: For the Hero at Heart
    Battling evil has never been so much fun! Get your kids moving in the cold winter months with the innovative Power Rangers Jungle Fury Mega Mission Helmet that connects online to download more than 40 role-playing audio missions. Kids can also create one of the turbo-charged Deluxe Megazords as seen on the TV show – each with its own unique battle action.

  • BEN 10: For the Inner Alien in Every Kid
    Fighting evil is just another day’s work for Ben Tennyson and every boy would like to do as much. With an entirely fresh Ben 10™ lineup inspired by Cartoon Network’s all-new Ben 10: ALIEN FORCE series, kids can play with never-before-seen figures and a more dynamic Ultimate Omnitrix. There are now even more ways to get active by tackling evil aliens just like Ben 10 does!

  • TAMAGOTCHI: For the Kid Who Wants a Pet Without All the Mess
    This holiday season, your kids will be all about “more family, more fun” with the Tamagotchi Connection Familitchi. This Tamagotchi is the most technologically advanced ever and allows kids to raise multiple family members simultaneously in a single egg!

  • DRAGON BALL Z: For the Kid Who Wants to Save the World
    The popular Dragon Ball Z franchise has returned with a reinvigorated lineup of collectible action figures and electronic role-play toys, like the Dragon Ball Z Energy Battle Set.

  • BLUE DRAGON: For the Ultimate Anime Fan
    With character designs by famed Japanese manga artist Akira Toriyama (who also created the acclaimed Dragon Ball series), VIZ Media’s BLUE DRAGON animation series is an adventure story of magical Shadow powers and flying air fortresses. Bandai America’s dynamic line-up of collectible action figures brings the series’ excitement to life.

  • MUGEN POP POP: For Everyone Who Loves to Pop Plastic Bubbles
    Who doesn’t like popping plastic bubbles? This “endless bubble popping” keychain/cell phone accessory is perfect for those who feel most relaxed when fidgeting. Perfect for kids who love to pop plastic bubbles and adults who need a stress reliever; this makes for great fun on-the-go.

“In the spirit of the holidays, Bandai America is proud to offer a wealth of toys that inspire the play and imagination of kids,” said Colleen Sherfey, senior director of marketing for Bandai America Inc. “No matter what your shopping criteria, we have the hottest and most sought after toys with Power Rangers, Ben 10, Dragon Ball Z, BLUE DRAGON, Tamagotchi and Mugen Pop Pop.”

“Must-Have Active-Tech Toy” – Power Rangers Jungle Fury Mission Helmet
Kids can join in the battle against Evil Space Aliens! Kids can become their favorite hero in real life with this wearable Red Ranger helmet stylized in the fierce Jungle Fury “Beast Master” mode. Kids and their parents connect the helmet to Bandai’s website using their home computer to access more than 40 different downloadable secret audio missions. Each two-minute role-play adventure can be easily downloaded into the helmet and updated continuously once the last one is completed.

With each audio training mission, kids are encouraged to get up and get active by joining the Order of the Claw and playing out the heroic adventures from the Power Rangers Jungle Fury TV series (missions from last season’s Operation Overdrive are also still available online at The helmet comes pre-loaded with one mission and features a see-through visor, lights and even more built-in action sounds than before for dynamic and adventurous fun. (SRP: $49.99; Ages: 4+; Available at major retailers nationwide)

Jungle Fury Helmet “Must-Have for Boys” – Power Rangers Jungle Fury Deluxe Megazords
By combining three deluxe animal Zords, kids can create one of the turbo-charged Megazords seen on the TV show. With just the push of a button, the Jungle Pride Megazord (Red Tiger, Blue Jaguar and Yellow Cheetah Zords) initiates its Savage Spin arm action. The Jungle Master Megazord’s Red Gorilla Zord can throw a powerful Thunder Punch and even use his spinning arms to walk across any flat surface. This Megazord is also comprised by the Yellow Penguin and Blue Antelope Zords. (SRP $39.99; Ages 4+; Available at major retailers nationwide)

“Must-Have for Boys” – Ben 10 Alien Creation Chamber
Just like when Ben’s Omnitrix malfunctions on the show, kids can discover all-new alien creatures with the one of a kind, never-before-seen Alien Creation Chamber. This playset allows kids to place five different alien parts inside the chamber, and with the twist of a knob, create their personalized never before seen alien creations. Each set includes four 3” figures as well as alien recipe cards to create new alien combinations. The set also includes a special key to unlock each alien separately. Even more possibilities are available with the purchase of additional 3” figure booster packs, which are sold separately in sets of two, allowing for the creation of more than 100,000 aliens! As an added bonus, kids can use their Alien Chamber as a carrying case and use it to showcase all of their new alien creations to their friends. (SRP: $34.99; Ages: 4+; Available at major retailers nationwide)

“Must-Have for Boys” – BLUE DRAGON 7” Figures
With character designs by famed Japanese manga artist Akira Toriyama (who also created the acclaimed Dragon Ball series, another Bandai America toy property), Bandai America proudly introduces a new dynamic line-up of collectible action figures based on popular animation series, BLUE DRAGON. Each fiercely-styled 7” Shadow figure features a unique battle action, such as a sword-swinging arm, light up eyes and mouth, or missile firing action. The included ornamental stand for the Shadow can also display the 4” character figures (sold separately), that join each Shadow. Character versions include Blue Dragon (Shu’s Shadow), Killer Bat (Zola’s Shadow), Minotaur (Jiro’s Shadow) and Chimera (Nene’s Shadow). Figures come with an exclusive bonus DVD featuring a full-length episode. For more information on BLUE DRAGON, please visit: (SRP: $10.99; Ages: 4+; Available at Toys R Us)

“Gift Under $30 for Boys” – Dragon Ball Z Energy Battle Set
Now kids can re-create their own battles that they see on the TV show at home with their friends! This exclusive role-play set comes with two 6.5” Goku and Piccolo figures, and two hand controllers. The figures attach to the controllers so they can interact with one another via infrared sensors. This allows two opponents to battle face-toface up to 10 feet in distance. Three LED lights on the controllers tell kids when it is time to make their final attack moves, while the action sounds and score tracker let them known how well their character is doing in the fight. (SRP: $29.99; Ages: 4+; Available at Toys R Us)

Ben 10 Ultimate Omnitrix “Gift Under $20 for Boys” – Ben 10 Ultimate Omnitrix
The Omnitrix is back and more powerful than ever before! Kids can tackle all-new alien adventures with the Ultimate Omnitrix, just like the one Ben wears on the show. Kids can unleash new aliens and unlock light effects and alien voices using the included translucent figure. Collect additional translucent figures from the 4” figure sets (sold separately) and use them with the Ultimate Omnitrix to reveal even more special light and sound effects. (SRP: $19.99; Ages: 4+; Available at major retailers nationwide)

“Stocking Stuffer for Girls & Boys” – Tamagotchi Connection Familitchi V5
Selected for the Toy Wishes Magazine’s Hot Dozen Award for the third year in a row, the world’s first and topselling “virtual pet” toy brand debuts a dynamic new Tamagotchi: Tamagotchi Connection Familitchi. Familitchi lets kids raise multiple Tamagotchi characters at the same time in one egg-shaped toy. How kids care for their Tamagotchi family and raise siblings with differing personalities, tastes and hobbies will determine whether they will grow up as a celebrity, athlete, model, paparazzi or even royal families. Once a Tamagotchi character reaches adulthood, it can then connect with a compatible friend and create successive generations to care for so the fun never ends.

Familitchi includes the popular infrared technology, Gotchi Points, shopping and the newly redesigned While using Gotchi Points and special passwords, kids can go online to shop, grab a bite to eat, get a new job and buy some cool clothes. With the infrared technology feature, owners can “connect” their Tamagotchi toy with other V5 owners around the world. Kids can also store a list of up to 45 friends in their Tamagotchi. (SRP: $14.99; Ages: 8+; Available at major retailers nationwide)

“Stocking Stuffer for the Whole Family” – Mugen Pop Pop
A huge hit in Japan, the addictive Pop Pop is about to conquer the States too. No one can help themselves from popping plastic bubbles and Pop Pop makes “endless bubble popping” a reality. This irresistible little keychain device has eight authentic-feeling bubbles. Continuous popping will make the small built-in speaker emit other fun sounds such as a dog bark and a bell ringing at random. (SRP: $5.99; Ages 5+; Available at all major retailers nationwide)

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