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Creative Construction: Powerflex Lab brings your custom creatures to life

Skeleflex SAN FRANCISCO, Fall/Holiday 2008) – Skeleflex is a creative ball-and-socket building system with bone-shaped pieces and flexible joints. All parts are compatible and can be combined to make aliens, dinosaurs and other fantastical creatures that move in a lifelike manner.

Assemble your creation, place it on the Powerflex Lab, then – like a mad scientist – flip the switch and bring it to life. You control the amount of power sent to your creature by pushing or pulling a lever that changes the speed and direction of the movement.

Though the Powerflex Lab comes with bones for building a T-Rex, parts from any other Skeleflex set can be added to the motorized core and activated when attached to the lab.

Small and medium sets (which do not include a lab) come in bone or skull-shaped storage cases. Each set contains pieces colored to match its case. If you and your friends combine your sets to make one massive monster, when playtime is over simply collect the pieces that are the same unique color as your case. This eliminates disagreements about who owns which bones.

Construct exact replicas of creatures featured in your Skeleflex design guide, or create your own make-believe models. Build predators with dropping jaws and flapping wings, or assemble aliens with wavering tentacles and swaying spines. Make a multi-headed, moving martian-asaurus, or follow step-by-step instructions for a more recognizable masterpiece. No matter how tame or outrageous the vision is, it can be built and brought to life.

Skeleflex Powerflex Lab™: Ball-and-socket building system with bone-shaped pieces and flexible joints that attach to a motorized core. Comes with bones and joints to build a T-Rex, also includes a design guide with instructions for making multiple models.

All Skeleflex products: Recommended Age: 7+, design guide included
Available: Fall/Holiday 2008 in mass and specialty stores, including

Powerflex Lab (large set with T-Rex and motorized base): $29.99 mass, $39.99 specialty
Small sets (in bone cases, 4 Dinosaurs and 4 Aliens available): $9.99 mass, $14.99 specialty
Medium sets (in skull cases, 2 Dinosaur and 2 Aliens available): $14.99 mass, $29.99 specialty

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