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Oompa Toys Exclusive U.S. Carrier of Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Winner: Cheekeyes™ Wood Toys


Madison, WI (November 6, 2008) -- E-tailer Oompa Toys knew it had something very special when it introduced American families to the Cheekeyes -- adorable and durable toys made from eco-friendly rubberwood. Now testers at the 2009 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio have bestowed Cheekeyes its prestigious Platinum Award for one of this year’s best preschool toys. Cheekeyes can only be found in the United States at online toy store

Handmade and partially painted, each of the Cheekeyes is unique; there are no two the same. From the hands of Dutch designer Rogier van Zijp emerged Arctic, African, Forest and Farm animal sets plus Dinosaurs. Animals sport a distinctive red cheek and painted eye (reflected in their name, Cheekeyes) that will endear them to children and caregivers alike. What started out as a concept for a toy company now has become an independent, new and refreshing line of wooden, artistic toys.

Here’s what Oppenheim’s toy-testing-moms of preschool children had to say:

    Cheekeyes Wooden Animal Sets • $29.99 • Ages 3+
    You know that we're big on wooden blocks as basic gear for the preschool set. Adding props to blocks can spark new directions for dramatic play. We love this new line of handsomely crafted wooden dinosaurs. The company also offers a set of farm animals, trees, a cave and a mountain. The dinos and the animals are outstanding in this category. They are very smooth (as all wooden toys should be) and they have paint only on the sides. Available only online at

    Forest Animal Set
    The Forest Animal set comes complete with a bison, wild boar, wolf, goat, and grizzly bear. Cave and tree sets sold separately, $16.99 each.

    Arctic Animal Set African Animal Set
    The African Animal set makes a charming collection of inhabitants for your desert terrain, which includes a lion, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, elephant and giraffe. Tree set and rock sold separately, $16.99 each.

    Arctic Animal Set
    The Arctic Animal Set includes all of your favorite polar critters, including an orca, seal, whale, penguin and polar bear. Icebergs sold separately, $16.99 each.

    Farm Animal Set
    The farm animal set includes all your favorite barnyard critters, including a sheep, pig, goat, cow and horse. Fence set and tree sets sold separately, $16.99 each.

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About Oppenheim Toy Portfolio
The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio was founded in 1989 as the only independent consumer review of children's media. According to their website, “we test and review products for children the year-round--only we get to do what most parents wish they could do before they buy. We open the toys, run the videos, read the books, play the music, and boot up the software. We send the best of these products on to our families of testers for further evaluation.” The Oppenheims, Joanne and Stephanie, are monthly contributors on NBC's Today Show.

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