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Teens & Tweens Hope To Celebrate New Year & New Semester With LockerLookz Glam Accessories $6.99 to $24.99

Plano, TX (November 15, 2011) - Pssst, parents.... the ultimate girl stocking stuffer or small gift this season has to do with decor - not for her bedroom but for her school locker! The buzz at homeroom and in mainstream media is LockerLookz line of chic wallpaper and accessories (including a miniature chandelier that illuminates). Now Santa has gotten the message with North Pole letters requesting Black Zebra on White wallpaper matched with a black shag rug and pink dry erase board. Budget conscious shoppers will appreciate many of these glam items are priced around $10!

Winner of the 2011 Creative Child Award for Kids Product of the Year, LockerLookz line of mix and match accessories get a lot of attention at back-to-school time. But come the winter holidays and the end of the first semester, many students could use a boost of color and renewal as they start off a new year, a new semester and a locker full of books, papers and lunch bags. What girl wouldn't appreciate a dash of fashion when reaching for the algebra book?

Recently LockerLookz has been all over the airwaves from Ellen to the TODAY Show to Good Morning America. In the print media, the ultimate buzz came on the front page of the New York Times last month:

"If middle school had an emblem, it would be the locker, the first taste of privacy at school at a moment in life when that means a lot. At the same time, lockers are public, visible to anyone walking down the hallway, and therefore an ideal platform to convey one's image.

Christi Sterling, 50, and JoAnn Brewer, 49, friends and neighbors in Plano, Tex., got the idea for their company, LockerLookz, after decorating their daughters' lockers at Prestonwood Christian Academy with fabric, paper and storage bins. "We got calls from the moms," Mrs. Sterling said. "'Where did y'all get this stuff? Cutest stuff! Where did you buy it?' We said, 'We made it.' " Last year, LockerLookz products were sold in 80 stores, mostly in Texas. This year, they made their way into 1,200 stores across the country."

Need help finding just the right locker décor item for the student on your holiday list? Visit their website,, and virtually decorate your own locker. With so many pretty choices, moms, aunts and grandparents will be clicking, adding and redecorating in green, pink, purple, black, white and fashionable combinations! Once your mind is made up, use their store locator to find a store near you and get ready to tuck them in stockings or assemble them in one box for the ultimate holiday present that will last all school year!

Choose from five chic LockerLookz items for about $10:

  • Flower Magnets ~ $6.99
  • Magnetic Mirrors ~ $6.99
  • Shag Locker Rug ~ $8.99
  • Dry Eraser Board ~ $9.99
  • Organizational Bins ~ $9.99

Or splurge a little more and make your schoolgirl the go-see student for dreary metal locker style tips:

  • Wallpapers ~ $18.99
  • Locker Lamp ~ $19.99
  • Chandelier ~ $24.99

Look for the entire collection at, where you can style a locker online, see what media has had to say about this hot trend, buy online or use their retail store locator to find a store near you. But if you have a specific item or style in mind, call first to avoid frustration—the line was super hot this fall and some stores haven't gotten all items back in yet!

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LockerLookz was born when two moms, Christi Sterling and JoAnn Brewer, went looking for locker decorations and couldn't find anything specifically for that purpose. Knowing how excited their own daughters were about customizing their school lockers, the two moms immediately realized they had to create a ready-made locker design system with coordinated items that were easy to install. To accomplish this, Christi and JoAnn felt they needed to create an entire locker "look" which ultimately led them to their company name…LockerLookz.

LockerLookz seeks to provide students an avenue of positive self-expression through a unique locker decorating experience. Offering a mix-and-match locker design collection, LockerLookz strives to make locker decorating fun and easy while making the buying experience exciting and convenient. Additionally, our goal is to provide a school-friendly product that is non-adhesive and won't damage lockers. For more details, visit the company's website at