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New Scooters, Christmas Must-Haves and Extreme Stunts on New Razor Extreme Website

Razor Spark LONDON --(Business Wire)-- Nov 19, 2009 Razor, the biggest name in stunt scooters, has a new website at This new site showcases the Razor range and provides a space where riders can share footage of their stunts and tricks.

One of the latest models featured on the site is the revolutionary Spark, a unique stunt scooter that creates sparks when you kick on the spark bar, and is a definite must-have this Christmas. The Razor site also has a game, competition and downloads, as well as useful information on finding Razor scooters and spare parts.

“With this website we have created a place where up-to-date information on everything Razor in the UK can be found” said Nick Joslin, Managing Director of re:creation, UK distributor for the Californian brand.

For the competition, there are five Spark scooters to be won at This head-turning stunt scooter recently won the Toy Talk Awards Outdoor Toys category with its awesome trail of sparks and durable construction. The competition is open until 31 December 2009.

The other new stunt scooter is the Ultra Pro. Designed and tested by Razor’s stunt team, it’s built for hardcore tricks with a body constructed from aircraft grade aluminium for strength and performance.

New RipStiks are also on the website. These unique caster boards are propelled by a twisting motion that brings the carving thrill of surfing and snowboarding to dry land. Different Ripstik models including the Ripster, RipStik G andRipStik Air Pro are built for speed, stability or extreme tricks.

You can watch some amazing stunts and tricks with Razor scooters and RipStiks at And you can even upload your own video footage or pictures to the website.

There’s a fun and engaging RipStik game designed especially for the new Razor Extreme website. Free wallpaper and mouse downloads are also available.

The Razor website and game have been designed and built by Strange, the Creative Digital Marketing agency. Nick Joslin continues: “The website is as cool, edgy and innovative as the Razor brand. It gives the community of Razor users an online base as well as being a great way to showcase the range“.

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