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Disney Presents A Whole New DVD Experience
Interactive, Immersive 3-D Games For The Entire Family To Play Together Available Just In Time For The Holidays On December 5

BURBANK, Calif., August 22, 2006 – Walt Disney Home Entertainment announces an exciting, all-new innovation in Disney DVDs: Disney DVD Game World. Combining the traditional fun of classic board games with interactive and immersive 3-D game environments, these DVD games are perfect for families who want to enjoy time together. Inspired by the favorite characters from Disney’s most popular films and the worlds they live in, the DVD games feature multi-level boards and thousands of mini-games, trivia questions, and activities for up to 4 players.

Because the games use virtual game pieces and spinners and play on standard and mobile DVD players, they can also be enjoyed during holiday travel on flights or long road-trips.

The first two titles in the Disney DVD Game World series are: DISNEY PRINCESS EDITION, where players get the chance to become a Disney Princess, and DISNEY DOGS EDITION, where you can adopt your favorite Disney dog to compete in the race to win the Blue Ribbon Challenge.

Free demo versions of the titles can be played and sampled online at

Both DVD games feature animation created specifically for this new product line with Disney characters speaking to players for a fun and interactive gaming experience. With built-in randomization and a huge amount of games, activities, and trivia questions, players are unlikely to ever play the same game twice to ensure repeat playing pleasure.

The perfect way for families to play together, Disney DVD Game World DISNEY PRINCESS EDITION and DISNEY DOGS EDITION both premiere on December 5. Each is available for $29.99 U.S. (S.R.P.), $36.99 Canada (S.R.P.).

Become a Disney Princess! The beloved Disney Princesses Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, Mulan, Jasmine and Sleeping Beauty actually talk to players while players compete in this entertaining DVD game. The setting is a new enchanted Castle, a creation inspired by all six Princesses. Featuring various chambers including the Magic Wand Space, The Tiara Space, The Jewel Space, secret castle rooms and chutes to the dungeon, the rooms ultimately lead to the Royal Ballroom, where players can win the game and be crowned a Disney Princess.

With multiple mini-games, activities, and video clips from everyone’s favorite Princess films this is a completely immersive and entertaining game-based DVD experience. The intelligent board game design tracks players on the board and automatically keeps score. With over 250 different games, 250 animations, activities and trivia questions, it is unlikely that players will play the same game twice.

Players adopt their favorite Disney Dog in order to win the Blue Ribbon Challenge. Players are immersed in unique 3-D environments, including virtual worlds from Oliver & Company, Mickey’s Toon Town, Lady And The Tramp, 101 Dalmatians, The Fox and the Hound and other Disney Dog films. With over 1200 different trivia questions, plus 15 different categories of game play, the Disney Dogs Edition delivers a multi-leveled gaming experience that is both fun and challenging.

The game can be played under two settings: “Puppy Mode” for kids and families, and “Pedigree Mode” for true Disney trivia buffs.

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