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Celebrate Music, Movement and Memories This Holiday Season with ``Must Have'' Gifts from The Baby Einstein(TM) Company
Award-Winning Baby Einstein Products for the Littlest Ones on Your Shopping List Offer the Biggest Holiday Gift of All - Enriching Time Together

BURBANK, Calif. --(Business Wire)-- Dec. 5, 2006 As parents and caregivers start making their gift lists and checking them twice, new and existing Baby Einstein products are a "must have" for children from birth to three years of age, offering parents and little ones an engaging way to clap, dance, sing and play away the winter days.

Featuring new and classic DVD titles, interactive toys and a unique shape sorter book set, these holiday gift items incorporate Baby Einstein's signature themes of music, language, art, nature, science and colors, as well as iconic Baby Einstein characters, real world images, brightly colored toys and specially re-orchestrated classical music. Designed to provide playful and enriching opportunities for parents to interact with and stimulate their children, these Baby Einstein holiday items and the brand's full collection grow with little ones through various age and developmental stages.

Available nationwide, the following are several "must have" holiday highlights from The Baby Einstein Company:

    Baby's First Moves DVD
    The newest addition to the Baby Einstein DVD collection, Baby's First Moves is a playful celebration of a little one's movement milestones - including first steps, clapping, jumping, dancing and more. Baby's First Moves invites parents and children to move together. Perfect for little ones at various levels of development, Baby's First Moves introduces 17 different "first moves" across multiple ages and stages. Baby's First Moves includes bonus features that further extend the celebration of little ones on the go, including "Move with Me," a five-minute feature hosted by fitness instructor Michelle Dozois that encourages interactive play between mothers and children.
    Suggested Retail Price: $19.99. Six months and older

    Baby Santa's Music Box(TM) DVD
    Joyeux Noel! Feliz Navidad! Buon Natale! Merry Christmas! Parents and little ones will love celebrating the holidays together with Baby Santa's Music Box DVD, a playful introduction to holiday festivities. A sensory excursion through the holidays for babies and toddlers with blinking lights, ornaments, sleigh bells and jolly Santas, Baby Santa's Music Box brings to life the sights of the holiday season - coupled with sounds of traditional melodies from England, Ireland, France, Germany, Israel, Japan and the United States.
    Suggested Retail Price: $19.99. One month and older

    Baby Einstein Press & Play Pals
    Whether in the crib or on the go, babies will laugh and clap with their new Baby Einstein Press and Play Pals. Each of the popular Baby Einstein icons - Baby Vivaldi (duck), Baby Newton (lion) and Dragon - will engage little ones by introducing them to shapes, classical music and multiple languages. While the Baby Vivaldi Press and Play Pal provides soothing re-orchestrated classical music pieces, the Baby Newton Press and Play Pal exposes little ones to different shapes in English, Spanish and French. The Dragon Press and Play Pal introduces "good morning" and "good night" spoken in English, Spanish and French.
    Suggested Retail Price: $9.99 (Sold exclusively through Target Stores) (Each sold separately.) Three months and older

    Baby Einstein Lights & Melodies Discovery Center
    Moms know that little ones outgrow their toys quickly, so products that grow with baby are a true nursery necessity. From simply kicking their feet in sheer delight to rolling over for tummy time, and eventually learning to sit and stand, the Baby Einstein Lights & Melodies Discovery Center is perfect for babies and toddlers at every stage. Recently recognized as a "Best Toy of 2006" by Child magazine and an "All-Star" by Toy Wishes magazine, the Lights and Melodies Discovery Center includes eight loops to attach baby's favorite toys and teethers, a Drop and Play activity ball featuring activity lights and music, a star rattle that introduces little ones to numbers and other engaging activities that are sure to provide endless opportunities for fun and interaction.
    Suggested Retail Price: $34.99. From birth to 2 years

    Baby Einstein Color Kaleidoscope
    Introduce baby to colors of the rainbow - red, blue, green and everything in between - with the Baby Einstein Color Kaleidoscope. This multi-lingual toy features English, Spanish and French and plays classical music re-orchestrated for a baby's ears. There are three modes that allow the Color Kaleidoscope to grow with baby:

    • Music: For the youngest babies, switch the Color Kaleidoscope to "music mode" where classical melodies and multi-colored lights are activated when little ones grab any of the multi-textured colored handles.
    • Primary Colors: As baby grows, switch to "color mode" and when little ones grasp one of the three handles they will hear the coordinating primary color spoken in English, Spanish or French (based on which language mode is selected) plus a light show with classical music.
    • Secondary Colors: Next, little ones are introduced to secondary colors when they grasp any two handles at the same time. The new color they have created is said aloud in English, Spanish or French (based on which language mode is selected) and babies are treated to a light and melody show.
    The Color Kaleidoscope includes volume control, mode selector and an English, Spanish or French language selector.
    Suggested Retail Price: $12.99. Three months and older

    Baby Einstein Shape Sorter Set (Book Set)
    Circular like the sun, square like a gift box, triangular like a tent...The Baby Einstein Shape Sorter Set of nine mini-board books are cut into one of three different shapes and comes with a carrier box featuring shaped slots for sorting and matching each book. Like the entire Baby Einstein collection, each mini-board book features photographs and illustrations of real-world images.
    Suggested retail price: $18.99. Nine months and older

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